Has Console Gaming Become Obsolete?

Staff Writer: Ulises Lara


Studies show that people between the ages of 2-19 would much rather play on a mobile device, rather than a brand of console made by smart and intelligent gaming companies like Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft.

Console gaming, to most people, is expensive, and yes, it is, but consoles are a hobby and a form of art to many eyes. The most common reason for young ages wanting to play games on phones would most likely come from a few claims: consoles are too complicated, are not as pretty as phone graphics and/or there are not enough kid friendly games for most audiences.

It is true some schemes for controls may be difficult to master, some games have a few bugs and bland textures and yes, some games are controversial or not suitable for younger audiences, but the generations of games are growing to be a way of expressing how some people, writers or developers feel.

Another issue to mobile gamers and console gamers may be the difference between the casual and hardcore gamer. Examples for casual gamers would be Angry Birds, Clash of Clans and Minecraft. The console gamers are considered hardcore, for their fast paced, quick and often difficult controls featured in most games like Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed and some online racing titles.

The true differences in mobile and console gamers are the type of people they are and how they like to play. Most console-gaming fans will make fun of mobile gamers for their lack of skill because they fear the thing mobile gamers better them in. The thing that all console gamers truly fear is the loss of their favorite consoles. The reason why is because all consoles are held by one thread at one important place, that thread is sales and the place is the open market.

The early ages of gaming started in 1972 when Magnavox released the Magnavox Odyssey, the first home video game console that could be connected to a TV set. The only thing that could keep the Magnavox Odyssey available was selling in the open market, and the sales numbers would determine if it were to stay in the gaming market or not. Recently, the sales numbers of mobile gaming has increased besting consoles with sales that would as they say, “blow the roof off.”

The sales for the consoles are not the best but still very good, Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One are selling wonderfully, Conversely, Nintendo’s Wii U and Sony’s PS Vita aren’t great, but the 3DS is selling fantastically to help out Nintendo.

All the systems are doing well enough to keep them in the market, but it is only a matter of time until they have to up their games more to be better than they mobile gaming sales do. However, the mobile games may be getting better with entertainment as Apple now made a home entertainment system.

Apple created a product where the home console can also be a phone. The latest product they have released, Apple TV, has the same scheme as the Wii did. It provides a product that just about everyone can enjoy. People are able to play App store games, watch YouTube, Netflix and do just about anything a phone can do.

The problem that concerns me, and the console going community, is that parents would rather buy this product than a console game meaning less people will be in the console-gaming community. That could mean more problems for the online community, with less servers available; rendering console games no purpose if there is no one else out there to play.

Console games may not appeal to all audiences for its difficulty, understanding of what’s going on and target to more mature audiences, which is a big reason why most mobile fans will prefer something simple but fun to their liking. The console gamers would prefer fast-paced gameplay and a challenge because the frames on phones are slower compared to a console, rendering console gamers to complain and say their experience was “crappy.”

The truth is everyone has their own set of things to play. That’s ok, it’s not bad. The problem is when one side effects the other with it possibly having a chance of being rendered useless. It not only effects the developers creating the hard ware and the games alike, but it also affects all the loyal fans who enjoy to play by themselves or online. The thing that is the most concerning is where the future or games will be.


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