Katelyn Nacon: Walking Dead Through Woodstock

Staff Writers: Luci Dumas, Sarah Bohannan, & Emily Gordon

Though Katelyn Nacon is an actress in the very popular TV series, The Walking Dead, she is also just a 16-year-old junior here at Woodstock High School.

She said that even though she has grown to be known by Walking Dead fans worldwide, none of her friends have been driven away from her because of jealousy. She said, “My friends are pretty good at making sure I know I’m a loser.” She also has a special, interesting talent. “I can close one nostril and not the other.”

She also told us her favorite thing about acting and the reason why she keeps going and loving it. “The idea of making another person and another soul is just really amazing.” Sadly though, she said that she rarely gets to hang with the cast, so that’s not very exciting.

But did you know that she isn’t only an actor, but also a singer? Yep, she has an EP on ITunes and says that, “I love singing. I’ve been doing it since I was 3 years old and I love to hear when people like my voice.”

She told us that she would love to be a singer and an actress all throughout her life, because she loves doing both and said that there was no way she could pick one over the other. One problem though is that it is hard to balance school, singing, and acting.

She said that, “It is very hard to balance. I have three very bad grades right now and I always have to make things up. I end up with a lot of 0’s in the grade book.” But don’t worry, she says that she can handle it and doesn’t plan on leaving acting or singing any time soon.


  1. If Katelyn leaves im going to be so upset 😭😭😢😢

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