National Honors Society Making a Difference

Staff Writer: Meghan Pierce

Every year, the Woodstock High School National Honors Society (NHS) participates in numerous community service activities to fulfill their mission of benefitting society. From lending a helping hand at Fall Festivals to donating brand new children’s books to elementary schools during the holiday season, this prestigious club works hard to make their presence known throughout the community.

Although the club stays busy year-round, the National Honors Society’s annual STEM Day at Sixes Elementary is one activity that stands out. STEM, representing the ideas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, was introduced to Woodstock High School’s Science Department in 2012.

NHS believed these ideas are crucial to not only high school students, but important to children in elementary schools as well. Because of this proactive thought, STEM day at Sixes was born.

Beginning almost a month in advance, the National Honors Society accumulates around 40 members, divides the group into teams, and distributes activity assignments and concepts such as Gravity, States of Matter, Multiplication, and Machines. Once assigned a grade (Kindergarten – Fifth Grade), the groups of four to five NHS members brainstorm methods to teach their classes for the day.

The 2015 STEM Day was successful to say the least. On November 9, the participating NHS Members met at Sixes Elementary School at 7:30am, coffee and lesson plans in hand.

Grace Timm, Woodstock High School’s Most Unique (pictured below), enjoyed teaching her classes the concepts of Gravity and added, “Teaching these kids is so rewarding. They get so excited to learn from the older kids and make waking up so early worth it.”


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