Time to “Unplug” From Technology

Staff Writer: Sydney Torres

Our generation is shamed for always being locked in to technology, yet many people in older generations do not understand that this is the only lifestyle we know. It is difficult for the younger generations to “unplug”, so we find ourselves streaming our every move. It is easy to get caught up in all of the technology that rests constantly at our fingertips.

Recently, there has been an uproar of issues pertaining to social media. Some people are complaining about the pressures that it puts on its users to create a “perfect” image of their lives. Many so-called “Instagram famous” young adults are paid to advertise products that are many times a swindle, causing controversy in the digital world. However, for many of those people, the things they post on their accounts are a major source of income for them.

Personally, I follow many people who have gained their fame through both social media and Hollywood, and I feel as though it is rather easy to sort the trash from the treasure. Similarly, I have found it easy to depict fact from fiction is the seemingly picture-perfect lives of those who live through social media.

These posts are of the same caliber of magazines, showing photos of beautiful people doing exotic things, when the reality of it all is that those people are just as human as you and I. We all have our flaws and our insecurities, our fears and our idiosyncrasies, all things that simply make us who we are. It is completely irrational to base our happiness off the apparent filtered flawlessness of someone else’s life.


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