Happy Holiday Trends

Editor: Emma Lehto

As we enter into the holiday season there have been more than a few trends beginning to pop up. The most popular trends I have seen so far are the red Starbucks cups, blanket scarves, DIY gifts and many more. It seems that everyone is getting in the spirit much faster this year as these trends pop up all over the place.

One of the most popular and most controversial trends to arise so far is the red Starbucks cups. People wait with anticipation every year for this cup and although there has been a great deal of coverage on the change of the design due to religious purposes, it is still as popular as ever. It does not matter what is in the cup as long as they have it. Senior Michaela Thomas said, “I’m not a huge coffee fan, but something about the red cups make it seem better and more festive,” which speaks volumes about the Starbucks brand.

Another large trend as the temperature drops this year is blanket scarves. You can look around almost any high school in this county and see scarves of the exact same colors and design on nearly every girl you see. Freshman Grace Barham said, “I love blanket scarves because they are cute, but also because they are so thick and warm.” Both are great reasons to stock up on this trend this winter.

Because this is the beginning of the holiday season and not just winter, people have begun to think of gift ideas for friends and family. The problem is that many teenagers are broke and unable to buy nice gifts, so instead they begin looking at Pinterest to get ideas for DIY gifts. They are usually much cheaper and more heartfelt which is why so many people are taking this route to gift giving this season.


Each year there are new and exciting products and ideas for the holidays. Some are trends that stick around like the red Starbucks cups and some may be just here for a season like DIY and blanket scarf crazes. Either way the trends are part of what gets people so excited for the holiday season.

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