Mac Miller Mania

Staff Writer: Ashlyn Richardson

As the season gets colder, it seems that the concert scene in Atlanta gets hotter. Closing out the November concert calendar was a rapper named Mac Miller. The Tabernacle was filled to the brim with anticipation of the famous rapper’s sounds being sputtered live.

Prior to the experience that is Mac Miller, the opening acts of the show, Michael Christmas and Earth Gang, managed to enthrall the audience in their sound as well. Both being underground rappers, it was difficult for the crowd to catch on to the beats, but eventually, the crowd bounced in synch to the intense rhythms that circulated throughout the room. By the end of each set, the words were being sung along, and the sweaty bodies that room encased found harmony among each other.

After the last opening act departed, the clock found itself a pain-inducing instrument that wracked the brains of each in the room. From those who paid a whole week’s pay for VIP, those who begged their parents to let them go even though it was on a Sunday(my crowd), to those who were simply dragged there by their girlfriend because Mac Miller is like, totally their favorite rapper, you know?

Then, The Tabernacle was cloaked in darkness and a crescendo of noise crept from the back to the front in a contagious manner. Everyone knew what was coming. Then, out he stepped in his full glory, flesh and blood, Mac Miller!

His voice covered each individual in the crowd with a blanket of comfort that ensured bragging rights to every being in the room. He performed songs for the newbies off his fresh album, GO:OD AM, such as “Brand Name”, “Weekend” and “Rush Hour”.

He also took it back to the old school sounds of Blue Slide Park with the classic money making anthem, “Donald Trump”, and finished his show with a medley of old and new as he commandeered the fog machine and let it fly. Being a witness to the GO:OD AM tour is an experience I will never forget. Mac Miller is finally checked off my concert bucket list!



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