Swimming through the Season

Editor: Madison Block

Lead Story: Last swim season, the boys and girls Woodstock swim teams won county and placed 11th in state. The 2015-2016 season seems to be headed in a similar direction thus far. After losing a few senior girls and many boys from last season, this year will be a bit tougher on both sides. The girls’ team has more depth and carries more of the weight for the team as a whole, however, the boys are not giving up yet. The Wolverines have really showed out in the meets they have had so far, winning first place in all of them. The goal in mind is that Woodstock will win on both sides, and as a whole again this year.

In case you missed it: The team has participated in three meets so far this year and has managed to take first in all of them. On Nov. 7, Woodstock raced two other teams in the county, Creekview and Sequoyah, where the girls placed 1st overall and the boys placed 3rd. With enough points scored in total, the Wolverines came out on top. November 14 was the relay meet, so all the teams in the county were present. Once again, the girls placed 1st and the guys placed 2nd, with points totaling them to 1st place. In the most recent meet, held on Nov. 21, Woodstock competed against Creekview, and two out-of-county teams. The girls’ team placed 1st easily, and the boys placed 3rd, giving Woodstock the overall win again.

Wolverine(s) of the Month: There are many wolverines that need to be recognized this month, due to the hard work and commitment put towards the team. The girls’ team carries the team as a whole, but that could not be done without all of the seniors. The reason the team is able to win all the meets so far is because of the depth they have and how many points they are able to rack up. So, all-senior, girl swimmers such as Lauren Case, Megan O’Meara, Kailey Austin and many more deserve this recognition.


“I am feel extra confident and excited about this season. I have swam on the team all of high school, but going into my last year is something so different and unreal. Being a captain of the team, it is my job to make sure everyone is enjoying the sport, but to also make sure we are training hard as a team. It makes being one of the captains easy though when you have a team like we do this year.” Senior swim captain, Megan O’Meara

Outside of the Pool: The Woodstock swim team is made up of a variety of individuals. There are the band geeks, the geniuses everyone hates, the “I play every sport” kids, and then your average kids. Most of the swimmers on the team are involved in something outside of the pool. For example, Abbey Barrett, junior, is involved in chorus, as well as academic clubs like NHS and Beta Club. She goes out of her way to do community service and other helpful acts. Another example is Hannah Everest, sophomore, who runs Cross country and Track. Everest is also involved in hard courses, and academic clubs. These swimmers who are involved in things outside of the pool, make for the best and most well-rounded student athletes.


By the Numbers:

1st place finishes in individual races

1st place finishes in meets

1st place finishes in county

1st place state swimmers

Let’s make it a 1st place finish for Woodstock at state

Looking Ahead:       

December 4th                           Cherokee Aquatic Center                   6:00 PM

December 12th                         Away                                                  TBD

December 19th             UGA Invite                                         10:00 AM


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