5 Fun Facts: Toy Story, Minecraft and 007


Staff Writer: Ulises Lara


1.The original design for woody was not always a cowboy doll. He was originally a ventriloquist dummy. Disney executives forced Pixar to re-imagine Woody to be something kids would really play with, they wanted something kid friendly and sweet, not a doll that looked like the antagonist in Saw. The final design was made, Tom Hanks was cast as the voice of an inanimate but alive toy and the film turned out great. Good call, Disney.

2. The cowgirl Jessie was originally a female looking cactus called, “Senorita Cactus.” Thanks to John Lansster’s wife, who convinced the original creator of the character Jessie to make huge changes such as, “A character who was to sway Woody with her feminine wiles.” I didn’t make that up, it was a direct quote please don’t sue me. Luckily, the character was changed.

3. A mistake almost killed Toy Story 2. An anonymous mischief-maker deleted 90% of the project at work. All the Pixar employees freaked out because a movie release date was very near, but a stroke of luck did catch Pixar studios, the film’s technical director, Galyn Susman, had a copy of the film that she was working on at home. Best movie save!

4. The antagonist from the first movie, named Sid Philips, shows up in the third instilment in a cameo. The cameo features Sid seen as a garbage man who is taking out the trash at Andy’s house. There have been many theories to why he is a garbage man, the most popular is one where he takes thrown out old toys, cleans them up and treats them right. Clearly, Pixar decided to threw him a bone since he had no idea toys where alive.

5. Buzz Lightyear, like Woody, did not start as he later is seen on the big screen. Buzz was originally the toy in 1988’s Oscar winning short film Tin Toy. He would have continued as the toy solider if they still appealed to children, which (spoiler alert) it did not. He was then changed into a GI Joe figure, but Pixar did not own any license to that name. Instead, the design was finally changed into a space man named Lunar Larry, later renamed Buzz Lightyear, which was a way of paying tribute to Buzz Aldrin.

1. Other than Legos, Minecraft was inspired by other games and titles, such games are Dwarf Fortress, Rollercoaster Tycoon and Dungeon Keeper (while it was still good). Minecraft was originally planned to be in an RPG, a role-playing game, until developers thought of, essentially, first-person Legos and went with that instead.

2. One devoted fan chose to have a quest that seemed endless; the player would walk an extreme distance far in the game. The digital equivalent was approximately 7,500 miles which tested the limits of Minecraft and gave a new name for where he traveled, now named the “Far Lands”. It may sound like he wasted his time, but fortunately, Kurt J. Mac, was live streaming on his YouTube account and gained a total of $250,000 and gave it all to charity. Aww, what a nice guy.

3. Every once in a while the game gets its own name wrong on the menu screen. One in every 10,000 times the game is played, it introduces a menu screen with a misspelled title. The E and the C switching places, the title reads out “Minceaft.”

4. Minecraft had an original, straight forward, but simple title called “Cave Game”. The developers working at Mojang thought the game’s name was too simple, and completely childish, so the name was changed to Minecraft: Order of the Stone, which was eventually shortened.

5. The iconic creeper was not always the mischievous walking bomb but started as a coding error as a pig. The error kept changing, switching the height and length of the creature that lead to many mixed results, one that the developers had an idea for.    The idea was a hostile creature that you should never try to kill and this error lead to being the second biggest poster boy for the game.


1. Many iconic American actors have turned down the chance to play the iconic and legendary role of James Bond. The actors who turned down the roles are iconic, but each and all had problems, for instance Clint Eastwood played an awesome Dirty Harry but was excessively angry for Bond. Adam West was Batman, but let us be honest, he looked more like a child’s cartoon and Bond is way more mature. The biggest turndown was by Burt Reynolds, he was what many would call an…uh… “extreme lady’s man”. (Disclaimer: I try to keep this as neat and clean as I possibly can with the limitations I have, if you have a problem with the words I use, please don’t sue me!!!!)
2. Bond is the most well-known British character, but guess what, HE’S REALLY SCOTTISH! Bond was born in a rural area in Scotland and moved to England within his teenaged years. It doesn’t come to much surprise because in earlier films he was more British while in recent films, like Skyfall, we finally get an origin story. AFTER 50 YEARS WORTH OF JAMES BOND MOVIES!!!!

3. James Bond…has a musical. Since when? As a character known to represent masculinity for male characters in all of film, the origin of the theme song is not exactly the same amount of masculinity, for it came from a musical. The man credited for the music, Monty Norman, adapted a novel call house for Mr. Biswas, which has a song very similar to Bond. John Barry rearranged the tune, added some jazz, and lost the lyrics, making a very memorable theme song.
4. Pierce Brosnan is actually the scariest and deadliest bond. Hang on, I will explain. It’s no surprise James Bond has killed a lot of people, maybe more than a player playing an average amount of Call of Duty. In fact, in his first 20 movies he killed 300 people. If estimated which Bond is to have more blood trains than funeral attendants, Brosnan would be #1 with an estimated rate of 70-130 people. However, his films were the most over-the-top.
5. How many times has he been shot at? 4,662 times, and for some reason, he lives until this day making more movies. In addition, this is not even counting Skyfall. You know, (SPOILER ALERT) the one where he is shot in the chest, falls off a moving train on a bridge and lives. If one thing is for sure, it is that Bond cheats death more than anyone does.

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