A WHS Treasure: Mrs. Cox

eStaff Writer – Meghan Pierce

Ms. Laura Cox has been a teacher for 30 years and has recently won the title of Teacher of the Year here at Woodstock. Ms. Cox, teaching anatomy for almost her entire teaching career, takes the high school environment to the next level.

Assisting students with any help they made need, this Woodstock teacher is known more for her mentoring and friendship above anything else. Former Woodstock High School Principal Dr. Paul Weir stated, “There is never a dull moment in her classroom. She is ‘that teacher’ that students will remember long after their days at Woodstock High School have gone.”

Have you always wanted to become a teacher?

LC: Yes. As a little girl, I always enjoyed “playing teacher”; however, the road to my job today was not very easy. At first I studied Physical Therapy, then nursing, then athletic training and followed that with a year off.

How did you get into the education system?

LC: I began volunteering at a center for runaway teenagers to find my direction and find friends. There I met some scared, frightened and mentally beaten teens who all needed someone to talk to, someone who would listen to them, someone who cared. I then enrolled into the education system and it stuck.

How did they react to your help and advice? Did you experience any violence?

LC: They were all so grateful to have this young adult to talk to and share their frustrations with, but what I learned was how grateful I was to them for showing me my gift. The gift to work with teens.

As a student in your class, I know what others mean when they call you “that teacher”. How do you react to that title?

LC: I love being “that teacher”. Teens are so overlooked. They are still kids and are a population who is in desperate need of a positive adult mentor in their lives. My son, AJ, is a living example I learn from every day.


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