The Old, the New and the True

Staff Writer: Ulises M. Lara


Spectre The name is Bond, James Bond. Daniel Craig returns in the 24th film in the series as the British (but really Scottish) spy with moments equally epic to Skyfall. Although it was not quite as perfect as Skyfall, it definitely has a cinematic and action packed feeling around every corner. In the film, we see a grittier and darker feeling. It feels odd in a way, with the film being darker than previous installments. It does try to bring a more adventurous side in Bond but more action eventually leads to less story, which leaves questions and disappointments. The verdict would be that Spectre is an amazing film that Bond fans will love, but the story department has left or they were thrown out the window.

8.2/10; Metascore: 60


The Peanuts Movie The film is not such a blockhead. Today…NO!!! I am going to say what needs to be said, children’s films are obnoxious, only Pixar, not Disney, only Pixar delivers, and annual Charlie Brown holiday specials. This time, Charlie returns along with the whole Peanut gallery. The entire voice cast is children, I honestly expected the film to fail in voice acting, but after watching the film, I see the voice acting is as solid as steel. Not only does the animation look like a comic strip, it also feels like one of the animator’s kid’s dumped new school on old school, and it made me feel like I was watching a peanuts special dipped in slick animation. The true problems of the film is that younger audiences won’t understand a few references that where hysterical to old audiences, and the Red Baron sequences were completely purposeless and felt forced. Problems aside, this film brings back epic memories that will not be found in any other film today.

7.7/10; Metascore: 60


The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2 May the odds be ever in your favor. The end. Four years of a book series made into a film. Thankfully, the final chapter has come, and I am glad to say the finale sure does not disappoint…eh, you know, a little. The series finale just shows how gripping and emotional it can end, the cast truly shows a performance that satisfies not only audiences, but also longtime fans and the climax is as sad and as good an ending can be. It is disappointing having a climax that concludes any more stories, but it is also nice to know the movie tries to stay as true to the book as it can. I enjoyed the results of the finale, for it was great as it was emotional.

8.5/10; Metascore:65


The 33 A true miraculous story. Thirty-three men trapped underground, with only limited supplies is as suspenseful as watching someone disarm a bomb…live. Watching the families and the miners perspective of the stories are griping because they feel more emotionally attached as people than anyone making a film about it. The true downfall of the film is that getting closer and closer to a climax feels as if it was running out of time of time for the writers, and honestly, it could do so much better. With a strong ending, but a hard to reach one, The 33 tells a story of survival, even if it has easy to spot weak points.

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