Tip Off to the Season

Staff Writers: Kendle Flint and Jordan Gaines


Lead Story: On Nov. 17, The Woodstock Wolverines start their season out against a strong opponent, the Wheeler Wildcats. It was not the start the Wolverines had planned for, but it did give them the motivation they needed for the next couple games. The final score for the Wheeler was 80-48; so yes, they did almost double the score against us on our opening game, on our home court, but the Wolverines are starting fresh with a brand new coach and they look like a brand new team. Even with the rough start, I think everyone has high expectations for the Wolverines this season.

In Case You Missed It: The Wolverines are 2-1 as of press time. Their only loss being against Wheeler and for anyone who knows or has seen Wheeler play, it is questionable if the boys are even in high school. The other two games were intense, one leading to an OT and one being tied until only 1.3 seconds remained in the game, but the Wolverines pulled out with a win in both. November 19 against Roswell ended in a major upset…for Roswell that is; the final score was 68-66. The game on Dec. 1 was tight again, but the Wolverines finished strong with a final score of 48-45 over Walton. Not too shabby for a bunch of Wolverines with brand new coach and developing chemistry.

Wolverine(s) of the Month: Anyone who has attended any of the basketball games this season would agree that senior Zack Wallace deserves some recognition, moving right from the injured list to a starting position and then hitting a three-point buzzer-beater in his first game back to put the game into overtime is nothing less than spectacular.

It was the game against Roswell: Woodstock was down by three with only a few seconds left, the ball was getting passed around, time was ticking down, the ball got passed to #10, Zack Wallace, he shoots with only a second left AND SWOOSH, the buzzer goes off as the ball falls through the net and onto the floor where the Wolverines are now jumping as their hearts have filled with new hope about the outcome of the game.

When Zack was asked about his buzzer beater, he said, “We were down by three and we had the ball with about 20 seconds left so I knew that we had to make a three to tie up the game and make it to overtime. The clock was winding 3…2…1, finally get the ball, I had to shoot, so I let it fly and the next thing I knew I was being dog piled by my teammates for hitting the shot I didn’t even know went in. But we still had to win in OT and that’s exactly what we did.” Zack Wallace is not only a superstar on the court; he also won Mr. Most Attractive for his senior class.


Quotable: When asked about the new coach, senior Henry Ruff told us, “At the beginning of the (off) season, we weren’t use to the dedication and drive that he contributed to the team, but as the season goes on, I think we will all agree that the coach is a necessity to the team.”

Austin Raridon, a senior at Woodstock has never missed a home basketball game. He leads the student section in all the chants and is very spirited. When asked what he felt about the 2015-2016 basketball season, he said, “The proficiency of our men’s basketball team is very strong, and efficient, and I’m wishing the best for our team and each individual player. Hopefully we make it far this year.”

Off the Court: The boys not only are “forced” to practice together every day after school, but almost every day, they voluntarily eat lunch with one another. They car pool to Chick-fil-A, a team favorite, or sometimes Panera, another popular restaurant the Wolverines can be caught at before a game or a practice on a weekday. The boys are in a group message 24/7 and you rarely see one teammate unaccompanied by another. The boys seem to be inseparable this season.

By the Numbers: Junior Cameron Crowe, who is a transfer from Cherokee High School, had an amazing game against the Walton Raiders. Cameron had three 3-pointers after halftime to tie the game up at 45-45. Congratulations Cameron, the Wolverine Nation is very excited to have you as one of our own.


Looking Ahead: The upcoming games for the next two weeks are as listed: 12/4 at Milton (7:30 pm); 12/8 at Pope (7:30 pm)

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