Words with Wolfe Wolverine

Dear Wolfe Wolverine,
Hi! I am in 10th grade, and I have trouble asking for help in my classes because I feel like it will make me look stupid or like I missed something that we have already been told. It is embarrassing when I have to ask for advice or ask for help. How can I be more comfortable asking questions?

Catz N Dogz

Dear Catz N Dogz,
You are totally right in that asking questions can be embarrassing, but the important thing when you are asking questions is that you will be able to better understand whatever you are learning. There are a couple of ways that you can ask for help in class, some of them not always during the class hour.

One of the things that you can do is wait until the hour is over. You do not necessarily have to ask the questions during class. There is also always the option that you have to go in before or after school has started or ended.

You can ask a friend if they will ask the question for you. Some people would be happy to help you out. You could also ask them to help you figure out the example problems.

“I think that it is more beneficial to just ask your question in class because there are probably others in the class who have the same question.” ~ Anonymous Teacher

“When I am struggling with the material in class, I find that it help to find someone to tutor me in that subject. It might help for other to try that, too.” ~ M. Manner

I hope that this help you out, Catz N Dogz.

Wolfe Wolverine


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