Growing Up Too Fast…or Blowing Up Too Fast?

Staff Writer: Santana Lozano

At the age that people should be playing with Barbies and Pokémon cards, we now have kids making bomb threats. There have been many cases taking place in Elementary and Middle schools regarding bomb threats being made by students. While many of these situations often turn out to be only false alarms, given there aren’t very many kids that know how to make a bomb, they are still taken very seriously. The thing about these threats is that you don’t know which ones are real and which ones are fake but you must treat them all the same because if one day there were to be a real bomb, hundreds of students’ lives would be at stake. What is most surprising about it is the age of some of the kids making these threats. Kids at these ages should not even know what a bomb is, much less be planning to use one in an attack.


The following are some stories that have recently broke out about this topic:

  • In Clifton, New Jersey, five students who attend Number 11 Elementary School were arrested after putting a threat on Clifton High School. These kids were all 10 and 11 years old; therefore, their names have not been released because of their age. Teachers and administrators found letters explaining the plan to “cause damage” or “detonate a device” inside of Clifton High School on a field trip there. Police officials found a suspicious device but it was non explosive. The students have been suspended but no charges have been made. Detective Sgt. Robert Bracken says, “It was not a prank, they had a legitimate plan.”
  • In Jersey City Elementary School, a 9-year-old child, who is in the third grade, tells a teacher that he has a bomb in his book bag. The teacher takes action immediately and follows protocols even though the boy immediately says he was just kidding. No charges were made because he was apologetic and remorseful.
  • In Statesboro, Georgia, in Bulloch County, a 12-year-old girl is arrested after making two bomb threat phone calls. These two calls lead to the shutdown of four schools in the county. All four schools were evacuated after receiving the calls. There turned out to be no real bombing but that didn’t save the girl from trouble. The number was traced and she was charged with transmitting a false public alarm, disrupting public school, reckless conduct and terroristic threats.

Quotes about the topic:

“None of the students take bomb threats at school seriously. It just like fire drills or tornado drills, they never even happen and all the commotion was for nothing.” –Jessica Alvera

“I can’t believe kids at that age could even be thinking about hurting other people. What has the world come to?” –Garret Hanson

Even when students make bomb threats as a joke or prank, there are still serious consequences. These situations will never be taken as a joke because in some cases it could be life or death. Many kids don’t understand the seriousness of things like this. It’s really crazy that there are kids who know what a bomb is and what it can do and still want to make threats. Is it about the way they were raised or is it just something in the mind that makes that child different? How do kids even get the idea? Maybe they overhear things on the news or hear their parents talk about it and get curious and do some research. Maybe they’re just born mentally insane. Who knows?


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