Holiday Helper: Gift Ideas

Staff Writer: Ashlyn Richardson

As the holiday season quickly approaches, the conundrum most people face is gift ideas. It is nearly impossible to be creative every year with gift ideas, but this holiday The Wolverine Times is here to help. Below is a list of creative gift ideas and where to get them for the special people in your life.

Dad: Sports themed anything (Dick Sporting Goods or Champs), pocket knives (Dicks Sporting Goods, Home Depot, REI, Walmart), grill supplies/silly grill apron (Kohls, Walmart, Home Depot, Target), wool socks (Polo, Macy’s, JC Penney’s, Belk), to-go mug (REI, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Walmart, Target), and any clothing item! If material items are not really your dad’s style, you can always buy a picture frame and put a picture of you in it!

Mom: Decorated wine glass (, Target, Urban Outfitters), candles (any major retail store), gift card to favorite store, a new watch or piece of jewelry (Kohls, Pandora, Kay), fuzzy socks (any major retail outlet), assorted chocolates (any major retail outlet), spa gift certificate, framed picture or locket of you (and any siblings) (any major retail outlet)

Boyfriend: Rak/Patagonia/Southern Tide clothing (Rak store, Cabela’s), beef jerky (Publix, Walmart), tennis shoes (Nike, Adidas), sportswear, nice shoes (Clarks, Kohls, Tommy Hilfiger), concert tickets (, any new video game compatible to their gaming device (GameStop, Walmart, Target)

Joey Felder, a junior at Woodstock, received concert tickets to the Weeknd from his girlfriend as an early Christmas present, and he said nothing has ever made him so happy!

Girlfriend: Pandora ring (Pandora), chocolate, tennis shoes (Nike, Adidas), Kate Spade/Michael Kors accessories (Kade Spade and Michael Kors outlets), shopping spree at Ulta, blanket scarf (Target, Brooklyn’s, Dress up), concert tickets, Duck boots (L.L. bean, Brooklyn’s), UGGs(UGGs website), candles, nail gift certificate, Lush bath bomb (Lush website)

An anonymous source said that if a guy got her a Pandora ring for Christmas, she wouldn’t be able to stop smiling until next Christmas!

Siblings/Cousins: Essentially, anything listed above would fit for a sibling or cousin as well. Usually, a gift card to their favorite store will suffice.


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