Holiday Horror, Holiday Fun and Comebacks (sort of)

Krampus You better watch out. Have you ever wondered what would the nightmare before Christmas would be like if there were no musicals or cheerful Halloween objects? If so, Krampus would slightly be a good fit to that question. The holidays are a time of year when family unites and celebrate with each other, but instead this family acts like themselves like any other day. One of the boys acts like Kevin from Home Alone and says his Christmas is lousy, then comes a Grinch meets Saw-­like doll demon, called Krampus. A horror movie around Christmas time may seem like it is a late made movie, or a getaway from all the cheer, but the Christmas setting truly feels right and a lesson is clear, one that will hopefully change how people behave and treat their families around Christmas and any other day. If you are a horror fan, I would recommend this film to you. Just do not expect something scary every minute of the movie, and if you do, get ready for a bland time, uninteresting plot line and incredibly boring scares. Though I will admit horror around Christmas time is smart…if done correctly.                                 7.5/10; Metascore: 58

The Night Before Holidays have never been more insulted as big as this. Three lifelong friends, two of which are Jewish, spend Christmas Eve looking for some grand parties. That sounds like a simple plot, but with Seth Rogan, it just makes more laughs than stories. The madness of the night before is a great mixture of insanity and absolute chaos. The comedy feels very familiar, and full of energy like if Jim Carrey where in the film, and the full-on insanity of the film does not let the energy die out. The verdict, most of the characters are flat, some bring many laughs, and the story is as flat as paper. Other than its problems, the holidays will be forever have knowledge that Seth Rogan and his adversary’s will bring plenty of   insanity.                                  7.2/10;Metascore:57


Creed Rocky passes the torch. If you thought this movie was going to be terrible because Michael B. Jordan was in that awful Fantastic 4 reboot then you were wrong. The best boxing movie franchise returns but a new generation has taken over. Sylvester Stallone is the master this time and Adonis Creed (the son of former Rocky rival-turned-best friend Apollo Creed) is the apprentice. The original roots of Rocky are seen in Creed throughout the film. The film shows nostalgia to the original films, the problem is that newcomers will be scratching their heads, since the biggest moments refer to the previous films and only watching past movies will make it easier to know what is happening. The film is as good as the first Rocky, maybe even better.                            8.8/10; Metascore: 88


The Good Dinosaur If only the meteor missed. The second Pixar film released this year, it might not be as good as Inside Out, but will certainly leave you with more love for dinosaurs. The film is intelligent and as emotional as any other Pixar film, with a dinosaur and boy in a boy-dog relationship. The comedic twist comes with the boy being the dog and the dinosaur being the boy. The film shows just how smart it can be walking into uncharted territory. Some of that uncharted territory is a little disturbing to children, with some death scenes that will most likely scar children like Darth Vader’s…I mean Mufasa’s death from The Lion King.





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