Star Wars and Spiderman

Staff Writer: Ulises Lara


  1. In the first film (technically fourth in the film’s release order) of the prequels, in the space politics scene, down by the left of the screen are a group of ET’s – as in “phone home” ETs. What they are doing there is beyond me. Were they added for a joke? Most likely. Is it one of the few good things that came out of that prequel? You bet your bottom dollar it is.
  2.  Harrison Ford, the only Han Solo in the galaxy far far away was an accident when casting. George Lucas had a seven-month long casting session for Star Wars with his friend and fellow director Brian De Paloma. Lucas was looking for unknown and known faces, one of them was even a young Kurt Russel, eventually leading to Harrison Ford and there we forever had our Han Solo.
  3. Luke and Leia’s swing across the Death Star was done by the actor’s themselves. Star Wars was a big production, and I mean BIG, which lead to cut corners in some areas. That meant the actors had to do their own stunts. Mark Hamill (insert Joker face for laughs) and Carrie Fisher did the swing for real, well sort of.
  4. George Lucas funded ALL of Empire Strikes Back out of his own wallet. The sequel to A New Hope was not funded by anyone else due to the first movie’s expense. Luckily, he was so generous and kind to pay for the whole film. The whole production cost 10 million dollars. He even had to ask the bank for a loan, since he needed more money. Lucas had to approach 20th Century Fox for help, which made Lucas give up certain rights. Lucas was unhappy with the result, so he decided to make another film series which lead to big projects, which was Raiders of the Lost Ark.
  5. Revenge of the Sith the only Star Wars film to almost get an R rating. A scene showed a light saber cause some very realistic things come out of a man’s gut. And that was too much for the MPAA, so the people at Lucas Films decided to take that part out. An R rating would not be good for the franchise as a lot of their fan base were children.


  1. In the main story lines of Universe 616, Peter Parker died when he and Doctor Octopus switched minds. Doc. Oc. had a disease that was irreversible and there he was going to die, so instead, he and Spiderman switched minds, leaving Parker to die in his body and he was now in Spiderman’s body. The new Spiderman was controversial for acting more like the Punisher and less like Spiderman, which upset many fans but eventually Marvel reversed what happened.
  2. He became a member of the Fantastic 4. Aside from Future Foundation, Sideman replaced Human Torch after a certain time. Marvel needed a new wisecracking, teenaged hero, so the replacement they turned to was Spiderman. If one thing has been proven, it is that Spiderman is way more useful than Human Torch.
  3. Peter parker has died more than once. His most-known deaths: being hit multiple times by Morlun while trying to save his wife (came back 2 issues later), shot in the back by Punisher and fought the Sinister 6 (still alive) and being shot by Deadpool splattering his brains (he lived…wait no?…never mind he died). No matter the death, he will return in his former glory. Eh, probably.
  4. Parker sold his marriage to the devil. Peter’s aunt was dying after being shot by a sniper, and Peter desperately wanted to save her. He then went to Meohisto, a strong and powerful demonic who is basically the devil, who was disguised as a little red-headed girl. He agreed to a deal in which he could never be married to his wife, Mary Jane. Marvel most likely made this story line as a kind of reboot that would make him younger and more free. To make things even more cruel, that girl Meohisto was disguised as was Peter’s future unborn daughter.
  5. The now known Spiderman was not the first iteration. In the final issue of The Amazing Fantasy, there was a spider-hybrid-man that had eight arms and looked like a monster. The idea became another one that was a man who was in a spider costume, a friendlier one, and there Spiderman was born.

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