Tis the Season for Trends

Editor: Emma Lehto

As we come closer to Christmas there are many seasonal trends surfacing. Some of these trends include tacky Christmas sweaters, going to see Christmas lights and purchasing real Christmas trees. These festive trends really get people excited for the Christmas holiday.

A trend that seems to have struck all over Cherokee County is wearing tacky Christmas sweaters, and not just to Christmas parties but in every day wardrobe. Senior Savannah Krapf said, “I love seeing everyone in their tacky sweaters because it gets me in a more festive mood and I get more excited for Christmas.” This trend seems to be one that will stick around all the way through the Christmas season.

Not only are tacky Christmas sweaters in right now, but another huge trend is going to see Christmas lights. Huge spectacles have been created all over Georgia to draw people in and they have really been working. Around this time these are great places for friends to go to enjoy together or for boys to take girls on dates. Senior Danielle Rubin said, “I think that going to see Christmas lights on a date would be so fun and romantic.” It looks like boys all over now have their dates planned for the next few weeks.

Something that families all over the country seem to be drawn to this year is buying real Christmas trees. It might be that their fake trees are falling apart or that the smell of fresh Christmas trees is a way to feel more in the holiday spirit, but they are popping up everywhere. Freshman Grace Barham said, “The smell of a real Christmas tree reminds me of when I was younger and we bought a new fresh one every year.” Hopefully this trend is here to stay for holidays to come because it reminds us all of simpler Christmas times.

Trends that arise during the Christmas are all created as a way to help people get in the Christmas spirit. Whether it is tacky sweaters, Christmas lights, or Christmas trees everything is created to make the holiday experience one of happiness and joy, so remember as we continue on in this holiday season to enjoy it and find the trends that lift your spirits best.


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