Why Can’t We Just Be Happy And Enjoy The Holidays?

Editor: James Sorensen

As we approach the end of the year everyone around the globe is celebrating his or her own respective holiday event. For most here in America this means Christmas, but there are also traditions such as Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Ramadan and even more.

People around the world gather together and try to spread cheer in their own respective ways. These yearly traditions bring great joy to many each year and the world is seen as being a bit brighter during this time, but even with such joy and cheer there are still people willing to complain about things. Now, while it could be used to bring light to genuine concerns like the homeless or parentless children, the recent cause for concern is, in fact, the design on a coffee cup.

Every year the company Starbucks usually decorates their cups using festive Christmas decorations such as reindeer and ornaments, but this year they have decided forgo this design and instead use a plain red cup. This change has been done in order to avoid negative feedback from non-Christmas-celebrating families; however, it seems to exact opposite has happened.

Christians all throughout America have responded negatively to this change and have taken to social media to relay their dislike. The real catalyst for this event was when Joshua Feuerstein, a former pastor, posted a video on Facebook where he says that they removed the design because in his own words “they hate Jesus.” Of course, this isn’t the only OUTRAGEOUS controversy to happen.


The popular retail chain Target released a sweater, which played on the OCD acronym by changing each letter’s meaning to Obsessive Christmas Disorder. This was meant to just be a simple play on words, but it was met with backlash and many found it unamusing.

A more, admittedly inappropriate, one was when an unknown vodka company rented a billboard and used the slogan “Christmas Quality, Hanukkah Prices”. This one I could actually see a genuine problem with, but it is still meant to be a joke and should be taken lightly. This also saw criticism from the public and was eventually taken down.

If you cannot tell I’m not really taking this subject as seriously as other ones. I understand the hatred for when an advertisement from company offends everyone. A genuinely awful one, in my opinion, is when Bloomingdale’s put out an ad that showed a woman looking away from a man with the caption “Spike your best friend’s eggnog while they’re not looking.” This one seems a bit more on the nose and deals with a much more sensitive subject. What is important to remember is that this is the time for family and friends and to make long-lasting memories with them.

So, this holiday season just remember that a random red coffee cup will not tear apart your Christmas, but you hanging on every little detail will.

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