A Chance at State

Staff Writer(s): Kendle Flint and Jordan Gaines

Lead Story: Woodstock Basketball has a winning record! The boys are now 8-5. For the first time in 19 years, Woodstock has a shot at state. Every single team in Cherokee County goes to play offs. The last seed plays the top seed, so the Wolverines usually drop out after first round. Having a winning record may be the push that our men’s basketball team needs to have a leg up at state. Every team in Cherokee County has made it to state before, except for Woodstock, so maybe this year, our team’s momentum will take them there.

Only the top four teams go to state. Right now we are fourth in the region, with a good chance to make it to state. We would still have to finish out strong, but it looks good for the Wolverines.

In Case You Missed It: Over the break, the boys played in a Pickens County Tournament. The three day tournament consisted of one game a day. The boys went 2-1 at the tournament, winning the first and third days and losing by only 5 points on the second day. Way to go boys!

Wolverine(s) of the Month: Tyreke Johnson, also known as the “Free Throw Master”

Quotable: Coach Clarke, the man behind the winning record, is always intense, but never negative. He tells him team every day, “The most important thing is we are one unit. We can’t point fingers and we need to pick each other up.” Anyone who has walked passed the locker room could see Coach Clarke is big on motivating the boys. There are signs on all the walls in the boys locker room that are there to inspire them. One reads, “19 years of mediocrity ends today.” Having all of this positive energy around has clearly made an impact on the boys this season.

Off the Court: Coach Clarke is not only there to motivate, but also bring the team together. He strongly believes in team bonding, so over Christmas break, he hosted a dinner at his house and the whole team, including assistant coaches, joined him and his family for a Christmas dinner. This was a team activity that brought the boys closer, rather than just a practice or a game. They got to know each other off the court a little more than they already do.

 By the Numbers: Right now the Wolverines are 5-3 in the region. Woodstock hasn’t seen a record like that in almost 20 years! This is a big deal for the Wolverines and may be the drive they need to finish this season together and make it to state.

Looking Ahead: The Wolverines are a little over half way through their season. With such a strong start, and only 10 games left in the season, the boys would love the support from the Wolverine nation to come out and support the boys as they draw closer to the end of this season.


A few members of the team enjoying Christmas dinner at Coach Clarks house.



Signs that Coach Clarke posts outside of the locker room to motivate the boys.

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