Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council’s Shop with a Hero

Staff Writer: Jenna Carr

Many people are probably wondering what Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council is, based off the title of the article, because it is not commonly known to students around WHS. MYAC is a small select group of students in varying grade levels at Woodstock that are the “young eyes” for the mayor of Woodstock. They participate in varying activities every month and this past month was the annual “Shop with a Hero” at the Walmart on Highway 92 and Trickum Road. Coach Wall is the sponsor for this club and he said, “Shop with a Hero is so rewarding to all volunteers. Giving back to underprivileged children and seeing them smile while shopping with their heroes of the community is amazing to watch and be a part of.”

Shop with a hero is an event that took place of December 16 this past year. Different people of the community such as MYAC, firefighters, policemen, nurses and Walmart employees come together to give underprivileged children a chance to shop for Christmas presents that they want, but their parents cannot necessarily afford. Organizations of the community put together $75 for each child, and the children are allowed to pick it up at the Walmart on Highway 92, and then go shopping for Christmas gifts in that Walmart while escorted by one of the “heroes.”

Kennedy Montgomery, who is part of MYAC, said, “I love being a part of Shop with a Hero because it is always interesting to see what the children pick out. They are given $75 to pick out whatever they want, so you never know if they are going to pick out many items or just one big item. Each child is different!”

Once the children are done shopping for their gifts, they bring them to the wrapping table. There, volunteers wrap up each present with colorful wrapping paper and a beautiful bow. The children get so excited, but are somewhat sad about the fact they have to wait until Christmas to see their gift again.

Shop with a Hero is definitely my favorite event MYAC participates in all year because of the joy of being a part of a child’s Christmas and also getting to spend time with that particular child and their parents. Everyone has a different story and it is so fascinating getting to hear all about each one. I definitely want to be a part of this event for years to come, even after I graduate high school, and I encourage others to get involved and do the same!




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