New Year, Same Celebrations

Staff Writer: Sydney Torres

New Year’s Eve is probably the biggest celebration around the world because it means the same thing to everyone: a fresh start full of new opportunities. It is a time full of excitement (and also an excuse for everyone across the globe to party). Perhaps one of the most famous New Year’s parties is the ball drop in Times Square in New York City. It is a celebration that first took place in 1904 and has since become the most popular New Year’s special across the country. People of all walks of life travel to New York to celebrate the New Year, including one of Woodstock’s very own, Zack Wallace. Wallace, a senior at Woodstock, said being in Times Square during the start of the New Year, was one of the most memorable moments in his life. He told of how the excitement among the sea of people consumed him and how he had never experienced anything like it before.

A more local celebration this year was the 27th annual Peach Drop in Atlanta. Famous entertainers T.I. and Sister Hazel made an appearance at the Atlanta celebration, adding to the excitement of the evening. And if that wasn’t enough, there was an 800 pound peach dropped at midnight to ring the new year in true Georgia fashion. Andy Salame, a junior at Woodstock, was excited to watch the Peach Drop at midnight and share a New Year’s kiss with his grandmother, Irene Salame. It is great to see that there was so much joy surrounding the coming of the new year and that Woodstock High School’s student body was a part of it all. Hopefully all that happiness and optimism will carry into 2016!


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