Splashin’ into the New Year

Editor: Madison Block

Lead Story: Although the season is quickly coming to an end, the Woodstock swim team is far from being done. Over the Christmas holidays, the team traveled by bus to Gabrielsen Natatorium for the biggest swim meet of the season besides county. This pool is found in Athens, GA on the University of Georgia campus. Both the boys and girls teams placed 2nd, finishing overall in 2nd. This UGA Invite was a swim and dive meet, and since Woodstock has no divers, that is where the team lost points and the first place spot. Despite the first loss of the season, the team is still motivated for the upcoming meets.

In case you missed it: Through the month of December, the team took part in three more meets. On Dec. 4, Woodstock competed in a meet with three other teams from in and out of the county. Per usual, the Woodstock girls placed 1st, and the boys placed 2nd overall. With the points added all up, the wolverines pulled another 1st place finish. December 12th was the first big meet of the season, with 8 teams competing. The girls placed 1st and the boys placed 2nd, barely trailing the 1st place team. Overall, this meet left the team still undefeated. In the most recent meet, at UGA, both the boys and girls team placed 2nd.

Wolverine(s) of the month: The Wolverine of the month goes to Michael Gustafson. Gustafson is a senior this year, and shows excellence in the pool as well as in the classroom. Not only is he one of the top 4 male swimmers, but he is also ranked number 1 in the senior class, making him the valedictorian. Gustafson puts as much effort into his swimming and school work, as he does in his extra clubs such as NHS and the math team. Overall, Gustafson exhibits all the qualities of a well-rounded student, earning him the spot as Wolverine of the month.

Quotable:We need our seniors….are you ready? This is your last month of high school swim. Will you leave your mark at Woodstock High? We need our juniors…are you ready? Are you ready to take over and be the leaders for next year? Can you fill the shoes (or fins) of our graduates? We need our sophomores…are you ready?  How do you plan to make a difference? How have your efforts helped build our team for the future? We need our freshmen….are you ready? You are not the end, you are the beginning. Are you ready to make this the best swim team in Cherokee county for the next four years? Together We ARE Woodstock! We Are Ready!!!”

-Laura Cox, Assistant Coach

Outside of the pool: Even though the swimmers always smell like chlorine, that’s not all they do or all they have to worry about. For the seniors, it is a big time of the year for them. It is time to apply for colleges, finish up any ACT or SAT testing, or find room mates for this upcoming fall. All the seniors on the team this year have an overwhelming feeling of what to do with their lives and where to go to school, so when they are out of the pool, they are busy doing college research. Lauren Case is planning to attend the University of Texas, Michael Gustafson is looking into Harvard, Savannah Krapf is hoping to go to Kennesaw State, and there are many, many others. All the swimmers are planning to attend college majoring in things from mechanical engineering to nursing. There are so many exciting, yet nerve wracking things outside of the pool for this years senior swimmers.

By the numbers: After winning 8 of the past 9 meets, that is telling us one thing. That is telling us the race times the swimmers are producing, the high places the swimmers are ranking, and the number of points the swimmers are scoring are taking the Wolverines to number 1 in the county. Again.


Looking ahead:

January 9                                Spear and Shield Invite                       2:00 PM

January 15                              CACC  (WHS invite)                           6:00 PM

January 23                              County Meet                                        2:00 PM


The senior swimmers taking on their  last UGA meet ever.  Left to right: Rose, Gustafson, O’Meara, Kilgore, Ruiz, Block, Austin                                 


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