Winter Window Wonderland

Staff Writers: Emily G, Sarah B, Luci D

This year was the second year that there was a Christmas Decoration Judging Event. The judges were Commissioner Scott Gordon and his family, Mayor Donnie Henriques and his wife Jan, and Micah Fowler, Main Street Manager, City of Canton. The stores were judged on Traditional, best use of lights, creativity, design, and most elegant. The winner was Spirited Boutique, 2nd place was Brenda’s House of Flowers and 3rd was Foxtale Bookshop. Mitzi Saxon was in charge of putting the whole thing together. Mitzi Saxon, the downtown Woodstock program manager said, “This was our second annual contest. It is a great opportunity for the local downtown businesses to show off their storefronts and it brings many people to see what a great area we have to shop local.” “Downtown Woodstock was lit up from one end of the street to the other and it was a really interesting thing to get to experience,” said by an unnamed source. Spirited advertised their clothing in the window over white snow, and they had many lights hanging down.

The following are the stores who participated:



Foxtale Bookshop

Fashion Cupcake

Be You On Purpose

7 Arrows

Brenda’s House of Flowers



These are topics on which the decorations were graded.

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