And The Winning Numbers Are…

Staff Writer: Brooke Schoonmaker

This year the lottery came up to 1.6 billion dollars. Only three people won, they live in California, Tennessee, and Florida. These three people beat the 1:292.1-million odds getting the winning numbers 48, 19, 27, 34 and 10.

People all over the country were trying to get these numbers; there were over 635 million tickets sold. One of the winning tickets was in California at a 7-11. A couple in Tennessee is the only ones who have stepped up to claim the money so far.


The winning powerball numbers drawn on 1/13/16

This couple said they are not going to spend it on useless things like a nice house. They said instead of buying a new fancy house they are going to keep their one-story home and put the money towards their daughter’s (Tiffany) student loans and mortgages. Even though Tiffany said she wanted a horse, they said there were more important things to spend that money on.

The people in California and Florida still have not claimed the money. Representatives from California said that if they do not claim this money in a year all of their winnings would go towards California schools. Florida is giving the winners six months until they take their winnings. All of these winners had to split the money so they all got 582.2 million dollars.


One of the employees who sold a winning ticket

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