Joe Burnette: A True Woodstock Wolverine

Staff Writer: Grant Witten

Mr. WHS is a title to be proud of. Few have been lucky enough to receive it. With this title comes quite a bit of influence and responsibility. This year, Woodstock senior Joe Burnett was voted Mr. WHS. I went to him to ask a few questions about what this meant for him, and to know a little bit more about Joe, and his life outside of being Mr. WHS.

G: What is your name?

J: Joe Burnett

G: How old are you?

J: I am currently 17 years old.

G: Where do you live?

J: I live in a neighborhood called Bridgemill.

G: Do you participate in any sports?

J: I play golf for the school.

G: Do you have any siblings?

J: Yes, I have a sister named Anna. She is actually a freshman here at Woodstock!

G: You were recently named Mr. WHS. How do you feel that this has affected your life so far?

J: It has given my name a title that I feel I need to be sure that I live up to.

G: Who do you feel has influenced you and shaped you into the person who you are today most?

J: My grandfather has been a huge part of my life. He taught me about perseverance and believing in yourself, and that you are entitled to nothing, and you have to work hard in everything you do.

G: You play golf. How long have you played for?

J: I started playing golf as a little kid, but I never got really serious until I reached high school.

G: What has been your biggest accomplishments on the golf course?

J: My biggest accomplishment has to be shooting under par on nine holes and a hole in one.

G: What is one thing that playing golf has taught you?

J: Like my grandfather, golf taught me to have perseverance and to never give up.

G: Do you plan to continue your golfing career in college?

J: I hope to play intramural golf.

G: Where do you plan to attend college?

J: I got into UGA, and I plan to attend school there.

G: How would you describe your title as Mr. WHS?

J: I feel that it makes me somebody who is meant to be a role model and an example to follow.

G: Do you have any advice for next year’s Mr. or Ms. WHS?

J: Be a good example for your peers, and lead your class.

G: On the golf course, would you consider yourself one of the leaders?

J: I would. I try to help my team and push them to work hard at every practice.

G: When you suffer a hard loss on the golf team, how do you overcome it?

J: I tell the team that we need to work harder and prepare for the next tournament.

G: How do you celebrate a big win?

J: We all go out to eat dinner together somewhere.

G: Why did you decide to start playing golf?

J: I began playing because it’s a challenging sport that I will be able to play for my entire life.

G: Would you consider golf the best sport in the world?

J: I definitely would consider it one of the best sports in the world. It teaches you to always keep your head up, and never give up. And although I love golf, I truly believe that the best sport in the world is football.

G: Thank you so much for taking this time for this interview.

mr. whs2

Joe plays golf in any free time that he can.

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