Let us customize our bodies our way

Staff Writer: Santana Lozano

There are people in this world who think that they can just glance at your exterior and automatically know about who you are, your character. Those people think that they have everyone and everything figured out, but I beg to differ. Many of these people associate tattoos and piercings with unprofessional, careless, and amateur character. This is a generalization that occurs way too often and is many times untrue. What does having a tattoo or piercing on the outside of your body have to do with who you are on the inside?


A Tattoo dedicated to a loved one who passed away

Many corporations will not hire you if you have any body art and I find this unfair. They say it’s because, “It looks unprofessional.” What I would say to that is, “Who says?” I mean, who has the right to make a sweeping declaration that that says that tattoos and piercings look unprofessional? That’s an opinion, not a fact. Why let your personal opinions get in the way of hiring great people for your business? I say, sit down and have an interview with that person and find out who they are and what skills they have and then you can judge whether they are qualified for that job or not. That way, it’d be based on who they are rather than what they choose to do with their body.

The reality of it is, is that everyone chooses to express themselves in different ways. Some people like to do their hair a certain way or like to dye it a certain color. Other people like to spend an hour on their makeup every day and try new color eyeshadows every day, because that’s how they like to express themselves. Some people like to convey themselves through the clothes they wear or the jewelry they choose. And then there’s some people who like to get tattoos and piercings because that is what expresses them. What is so horrible about that? People don’t see it that way, though. People are so close-minded that they see someone and already have their mind set on who that person is. It isn’t fair.


Celebrity Demi Lovato with a stub nose piercing

Quotes from people who had opinions on the subject

“In my opinion, no one wants to walk into a restaurant and be waited by someone with a bunch of things sticking out of their face and marks all over their body. It’s unappealing.” – Sheila Bishop

“There are always people who talk about the tattoo on my hand and say, ‘Wow you’ll never be able to work in a serious place of business.’ But I honestly don’t care what they say. I love my flower tattoo and I have people come into my work every day giving me compliments on it.” – Gabriela Lozano

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