Magical Woodstock Talent Show

Staff Writers: Sarah Bohannan and Luci Dumas

This year’s talent show was truly amazing. With 12 acts, it was a good hour long entertainment. There were so many amazing performers and though not everybody could win, they all did amazingly.

It opened up with a teacher who was singing and two students, one singing and one playing the piano. It was a very good performance and was very sweet, because a teacher sang with a senior student who he taught as a freshman.

The second act was a boy singing a song called, “Cry”. Before beginning, he said that, “It’s a song about love and stuff.”

The third act was a junior girl singing, “Into the Dark”. She sang quietly, but he voice was very nice.

The fourth act was, “Hello” by Adele. Senior Diamond, who has participated in the talent show all four years, sang the song.

Act number five was two boys singing a very popular song, “Bloodstream” by Ed Sheeran.

Act number six, was a girl named Kaitlyn, who sang beautifully.

The seventh act was a band of three people singing and playing guitar. They were in third place in judges ranking and they were voted favorite by the audience.

The only act that was dancing was act number eight when Michael danced to “Counting Stars” by Maroon 5. He was also, second place or runner up, so if the winning act can’t go to the county talent show, then he’ll be going and representing us there.

A popular song, “Bubbly” by Colbie Callet was the song that Elizabeth sang during the ninth act.

During the tenth act, Daniel sang, “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten, a singer who is gaining fame by the day.

Act number eleven, the winning act was when Katelyn and April sang a mash up of two songs. Both girls sang and played an instrument, which clearly wowed the judges, because they are now going to compete in the county talent show, as well as the fact that they won money. Katelyn, won the talent show last year as well.

The final act was amazing because Roxanne and Zach a couple sang “Give Into Me”. When they sang, they sang to each other and were in eye contact almost the entire time and held hands for part of the time. It was very sweet to watch.

The talent show was great and definitely worth $5 to get in. Of course, it wouldn’t have been possible without the two hostesses, Nicole and Brittany, who kept people entertained through the whole thing. They told jokes and made sure that people weren’t bored between the acts. Over all, the talent show was full of amazing performers and was a great show.

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