Movie Mania: Best and Worst of 2015

Staff Writer: Ulises M. Lara                                                            `                                 Disclaimer: the following films aren’t just personal opinion, the following show ranking of films by Rotten Tomatoes score, box office success and/or appeal to audiences. Many films will be left off due to space limited, but not to worry, there will be an honorable and dishonorable mentions list.


Jurassic World: This is a sequel done right, what is surprising is that Steven Spielberg wasn’t involved in the project, and its quality is as equally good to the original. Sure, the story may not be as good as it should be, but Jurassic World is a lot like Pacific Rim, you don’t watch it for the story, you watch it for all the awesome battles with nightmare fueled creatures. Rotten Tomatoes score: 71%, box office success: $150 million opening weekend, Audience appeal: 7.1/ 10 IMBD.


Inside Out: (sniffle) (sniffle) (sniffle), give me a minute, ok I’m done. Pixar gave us a look inside a person’s mind in one of the most creative ways, with tiny people who control the person’s actions. The film appeals to adult audiences for heart-wrenching, hilarious puberty jokes and references with comedic titles to them. For the children, it gives them jokes to also laugh at, and at times, ask why their parents are crying. I would defiantly watch this movie with grownups or children for its amazing visuals, hysterical jokes and emotional tones. Rotten Tomatoes: 98%, Box Office: $356 million, Audience: 8.4/10


The Martian: Confusing, smart, comedic and instinct in interstellar survival feel truly like something new has been added to the table, and, thanks to Matt Damon, feels like watching Guardians of the Galaxy for the first time all over again. If you didn’t understand what I meant by “watching for the first time”, it means the film feels fantastic, and till this day I still try not to laugh or be amazed when thinking of Mars and it feels great, both in scale and in story. Box Office: 595.7 million dollars, Rotten Tomatoes: 93%, audience appeal: 92%


Star Wars episode VII: The Force Awakens: The prequels left a bad taste in every Star Wars fan’s mouth, and most people were scared of the new film. However, this film proved that not all new Star Wars movies have to be terrible. Beating Titanic in the box office by a ton proves J.J. Abrams not only brought back the franchise, but he also showed that the magic the original trilogy brought will have a true successor, and what many fans enjoy, is that George Lucas wasn’t involved. I truly believe star wars is in good hands. Nice work, Disney. Nice work, indeed. Every second spent watching will most likely give you a comedic, epic or breathtaking scene. Rotten Tomatoes: 93%, Box Office: 1.528 billion dollars, Audience Appeal: 81%.


Mad Max: Fury Road: I know Star Wars did look amazing and brought the magic it used to back, but Mad Max upped the amp with the film’s action. The action in the film is amazing, because of the fact, none of the actions of the film is CGI, and it was all preformed.  The film’s not all just a chase through out a long desert, there are characters who grow throughout the film, and feel like you’ve seen them grow up. With a strong female character who knows how to survive the insane world of Mad Max without any male help, and a grumbling, kind of quiet and strong male who feels equally great. Weather the film is cannon, a sequel, prequel, or reboot is unknown, but who cares? The film is like a Michael Bay movie that has a story or is any good. Box Office: 375.8 million dollars, Rotten Tomatoes: 97%, Audience: 87%.


I’m thankful movies exist, if they didn’t life would very well suck, and what’s worse than not having movies at all? Having bad movies. And2015 was no exception. There were a lot of ups, and the downs make the ups look like gold in comparison. In fact, these pieces of garbage should be banned from the face of the earth. YES!! Most of that first part was my own opinion, and they aren’t all mine, most other people think that the movies soon to be mentioned are horrible so here you go the 5 worst movies of 2015.

Jupiter Ascension: The Wachowski Brothers return to make a movie that looks good, and maybe a new masterpiece, and we as an audience are still waiting. It’s almost as if they only had three hours to write the script because 30 minutes in made as much sense as Metal Gear Solid 2. Both fail to make a lick of sense, are hard to understand and make your brain hurt just thinking about it. This movie is just another waste of time to make as it is to watch. Oh, I’m sorry Wachowski Brothers, did I make you feel bad? GOOD! I felt worse than that watching this disappointment of a movie; actors who were uses to make this movie probably feel the same. Box Office: 183.9 million dollars, Rotten Tomatoes: 26%, Audience: 39%.


Terminator Gynesis: Oh, my God! This trailer, this trailer…this trailer is a huge lie! Not only did the film spoil its own movie in the trailer, but also spoils its own franchise as a whole. Claimed to be the worst in the whole series, it proves itself right with an over the top plot, confusing time lines and, more importantly, just adding villains as the movie goes. This is worse than the whole Spiderman 3 villain add-on. There are a lot of questions that could spoil the film, but I’m not going to say them, instead I’m only going to ask one. How much did they pay James Cameron to say this? “I feel like the franchise is reinvigorating, if you like the Terminator films, you’re going to love this one!” Uhhh, I…I just can’t believe what levels of Judgment Day must feel disappointed. If I where you I would skip this film, and if you didn’t, shame on us both. Waste of money, time and big names that actually manage to make the plot more bland and confusing than it already is. Arney, what happened? I cried in T2, and now I cry for my mommy to take me home because of this awful movie. Box Office: 440.6 million dollars, Rotten Tomatoes: 25%, Audience: 56%


Pixels: Peter Dinklage, Adam Sandler, Kevin James and Josh Gad in a movie where the enemies are retro video games! Sounds good out loud but not on a screen. Then what I see next is the Hindenburg, because that’s how I see this movie, a big, hot, flaming disaster coming down, only to burn and hear many people scream of the humanity that was put into the film. With Adam Sandler being an immature, irresponsible, perverted man-child who does what he has to and gets a happy ending. The only people not getting a happy ending are the idiots who watched it, and I’m one of them. At this point, he’s not even trying and makes money off it. We all complain about how terrible his movies are even though he wins since he made lots and lots of money off this failure. Waste of money, time, good acting and a great plot, if you want to experience a far superior version to this mess, watch the Futurama episode. Box Office: 243.9 million dollars, Rotten Tomatoes: 17%, Audience: 46%


Fan4stic a.k.a Fantastic 4: The movie stinks, the characters stinks, the Doctor Doom stinks, the writing stinks, the dialogue stinks, the director stinks, the CGI stinks, the plot stinks, the actors stink, and most importantly, Fox stinks for giving us this sorry excuse for a “movie”! Do I hate this movie, no I don’t hate it, I abhor it with all I have! This film was much worse than the original two that came before it, and the only reason this movie was made is all because of rights. And by rights, I mean the ability to do as they please or do anything they want, and they decided to make a horrible crap fest. I still get war-like flashbacks from the movie. I saw this movie around my birthday and I definitely appreciate the socks my grandmother gave me. They managed to ruin Doctor Doom. This movie is beyond horrible…worse than Daredevil, worse than Catwoman, and worse than Batman and Robin. Yes, worse than the man who almost killed Batman and Robin as a whole, but the only thing equally stupid to this movie is the controversy of how the Human Torch is played by and African-American male! I’m just going to tell you not to watch this movie, the acting feels flat, the CGI feels too much (even for a superhero film) and I don’t feel it will get any better. What is possibly the dumbest thing is that Marvel would have received the rights to the Fantastic 4 characters, but no instead 20th Century Fox decided “no I don’t want you to have it!” So they quickly made a movie so Marvel wouldn’t own the right, and this poorly made movie was the end result. They lost a lot of money making the movie, it got a lot less in the box office than the budget itself, and if anything the film show just how much Marvel should really have them in their cinematic universe. Box Office: $52,117,548 million, Rotten Tomatoes score: 9%, Audience: 20%. 1.


United Passions: The most boring film made this year takes number one. The film is criticized as being a complete waste of time and referred to as movie excrement. And did we really want a movie where it shows how the sport of soccer is made really necessary? The film is completely huge waste of money especially because 90% of the film’s budget comes from the FIFA organization. The budget for the film was $32 million dollars and the box office success is (drum roll), $918 dollars…total. It also won the “award” of worst box office opening weekend! I know hysterical isn’t it? I can’t watch this movie without yawning, wanting to sleep or even begging to leave where ever it is shown. I honestly feel bad for all the failures of the movie because I felt they were trying so hard. I actually saw this movie, so at least they got my $11, but even that wasn’t enough to keep them away from the “worst” title. I was cruel with entries 5-2. I don’t regret, but I tried to be as less rude as I could with this film. Wherever the actors are, I hope for them to have this film not be a huge effect on their careers. Box office: $ 918 dollars, Rotten Tomatoes: 1%, Audience: 1%



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