New Year, New Name, New Building: Woodstock City Church

Staff Writer: Emma Lehto

Woodstock City Church, formerly known as Watermarke Church began 10 years ago in the lunch room of Freedom Middle School. Alex Shugart, senior said, “I remember when we were in the lunchroom at Freedom, it was cramped and had a very small showing.” For their first few years they moved around to Palmer Middle School and to Cherokee Charter School. The church spent most of its time at Cherokee Charter where it really began to grow and eventually became the fastest growing church in the area. Watermarke church quickly became a place where anyone was welcome and everyone felt like they could be a part of.

Over the past few years, the church has grown so much that there are three different service times, 9:00 am, 11:00 am, and 5:00 pm, and they are all full every weekend. Michaela Thomas, senior said, “I could have never imagined that the church would get this big or come this far.” They have needed for the past few years to buy parking from another church down the street, Sixes Elementary School, the Urgent Care on Sixes, and the local Marina on Sixes Road. The over- flow rooms are full and the children and student groups are fuller than they have even been.

Because the church has had so much growth over these few years, the church has begun construction on a new building. With the support of almost everyone in attendance the church raised millions of dollars to fund the building. They decided with the fresh start in the new building that they needed a new name that told where the church was based, thus Woodstock City Church was born. This hopes to attract even more people from around the Woodstock and Canton area. While the building is finishing with construction they have not had service for the past two months, but the first service in the new building will be Feb. 14 where the new church will continue on in its mission to “lead people in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ” and continue to grow.

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