5 True Facts

Staff Writer: Ulises M. Lara

On this issue of 5 True Facts is one where we will dig into three topics: the Bermuda Triangle, Borderlands and, my personal favorite, Reanimating the Dead. The topics will either be creepy, interesting or even unforgettable, time to get started. The Bermuda Triangle

1. On average 20 yachts and four aircrafts get lost every year. The Bermuda Triangle has at least 1,000 people to be reported missing within the last 100 years, by this time you would think they found debris, but no, nothing. The reason behind this is that Gulf Stream runs near the triangle, which quickly gets rid of the debris.

2. It is not small; it is in fact 440,000 miles of sea, where no one will ever find your body. It is located within the borders of Miami, Florida, and San Juan, Puerto Rico. Luckily, your parents or you are not dumb enough to go towards that location during spring break.

3. It has no borders only a spread sheet area. If you were to too cocky and try to see what it’s like around the infamous triangle passing by its safe zone, you won’t know. That’s how so many yachts get lost. Making a line would be smart to warn people, but literally losing yourself wouldn’t be a smart choice.

4. The first person to pass through the triangle was Christopher Controversial. Many people who read this in his journal entries either believe he is full of lies or just stating something supernatural. What makes him full of lies is probably what he describes in his journal: He wrote in his journals that inside the triangle, the ship’s compass stopped working and he also saw a fireball in the sky. A hoax? Probably. Controversial? Yes. Is it true? We wouldn’t know, he probably got extremely lucky to come out in the first place.

5. It hasn’t even reached the list of the “top 10 most dangerous seas”. From the following facts, you would believe the triangle is a nightmare fueling location, right? Nope, not the most dangerous, not even among the most dangerous, with the biggest dangers according mostly around Asia and Europe in shipping accidents, not even the US believes that the triangle is a big danger. At least that is what they want us to believe …aliens.


1. Handsome Jack’s famous line, was an accident when voice actor, Damien Clarke, was eating stale pretzels. “Hey who’s your, God these pretzels suck, how’s your day been buddy?” Yes, that famous and comedic line was by accident, in the beginning of Borderlands 2 you should have just been greeted to Handsome Jack, the writers wanted Damien to ask the player how he was doing, only to be a critic and comment on the pretzels he was eating during the recording section. The comment was uncut, because it made the villain look like a comedic, caring and villainous jerk, which is why he is mostly associated with the title, “Handsome Jack. The villain you love to hate!”

2. The character, Mr. Tourge, takes inspiration from more than just Hulk Hogan. The bandanna, the shades and constant screaming at the top of his lungs, Mr. Tourge also takes inspiration from Dragon Ball’s Hurcual Satan and team Fortress 2’s Saxton Hale. Not only does he look like them but also acts like them. For instance, he swears a lot, and wears a collar on his neck, as he explains in an echo, and also is described as a, “protein guzzling buffoon” by Tanis. And, my personal favorite, he sold his company that sells explosive fire arms for $12 and a high five. His response, “it was a (expletive) awesome high five!”                                                                                                                                                         3. Borderlands 2’s concept art of Handsome Jack’s face showing Pandora within it was stolen from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. The employee was supposed to make concept art for the games box art, I’m guessing he watched Star Wars the night before, and felt amazed, looked it up to write his own review or something, which must of lead to seeing the posters for the film and decided to take it. The artist, Olly Moss, wasn’t mad but disappointed they used his work, he said over twitter that if they would like to he will help them, so Gear Box made the smart choice and let him join. Olly didn’t file a law suit for what the employee did, but Gear Box didn’t let the guy off the hook, even if they didn’t get sued, and got consequences, but he still works there.

4. Zer0’s identity is unknown, which makes him extremely mysterious, only a few clues lead to whether he is a human, an alien, a robot or even anything. For instance, he only has four fingers on each hand, he speaks in haikus and is extremely tall reaching around 6-foot-5. A few clues are left, one being it shows his possible identity on a price of paper in Tanis’ lab, only to be ripped. Another where he speaks some sort of speech during game play. And an unlockable helmet where it shoes Zer0’s helmet cracked, only to show a giant eye, but sadly that’s not his identity, because the skin name reads not canon (not a part of the regular borderlands series.) Even though we will never find out what he is, we will always know he is the number and a number bigger than you are.

5. The side mission “shoot me in the face” is based off an arcade game with the same premise. The mission involved you to shoot a pyscho in the face, he sings songs, makes bell noises saying “it’s face shooting o’clock” and gives you a small speech giving the consequences, then yells to shoot him in the face. The side mission was based on the arcade game close range, which, of course, is shoot people in their faces, writer Anthony Burch admired that comedic concept, and as a joke decided to put that in the game, as a joke of how close range was all about.


Warning if you have a fear of being brought back to life: I would not recommend reading if you fear coming back as a zombie. Reanimating the dead; like zombies, Frankenstein’s monster, the mummy or other walking corpses.

1. Frankenstein’s monster is technically considered a zombie rather than his own being. Yes, he has no desire to eat people, infect them or eat their brains (I think), but he is still a pile of walking dead corpses. Multiple body parts, organs and other boldly functions. Yes, I am aware of his nonexistence but still good to know that’s he’s not just a monster, but a man-eating like one.

2. The Last of Us is not as impossible as many believe. A fungal disease infecting animals called Codices Brain Infection that infect small animals, usually ants; it takes a host, makes its way to the brain and takes over when killing the host. Thus, making a fungal crown and the parasite now becomes the once-been animal. Even if you happen to be bitten by a fungal infected animal, you’ll be OK. Unless, of course, it evolves and affects larger animals, and eventually humans, then I recommend you stop a guy who didn’t allow an Ellen Page-looking female to save the world.

3. The characters in The Walking Dead shouldn’t be alive after the first four months. Zombies may not be able to kill all people, but sickness, lack of clean water and food should be able to have no character alive after the first season. It may be an incredible TV show, but it definitely isn’t accurate in terms of realism. How AMC can make more seasons without any sicknesses involved definitely makes the show harder to produce.

4. The walking dead literally surrounds us. The controversial topic on cannibalism isn’t considered dead people walking, no I mean surgical patients who are a drug that makes their heart rate lower and go at a rate considered to be almost dead. People who are being treated in the surgery are brought back with a drug that will bring them back with the anti-drug that brings patients to normal heart rates. Saying, “it’s alive” from the top of your lungs isn’t a very smart choice, because to be honest, you would freak out if you were temporarily dead and brought back.

5. It’s been proven that someone can make their own Frankenstein. I know, shocking, isn’t it? Well, it’s true, the only problem isn’t having a hunchback henchman instead the problem is how recent the body parts belonged to that dead person. Within three minutes the brain stops functioning, and without the main source of the body working everything else will eventually fall in a matter of time, unless the person has died while on that drug mentioned in fact number four. Then the guy looking to create a real walking corpse will have a good 30 minutes to scavenge used body parts. It’s also been proven sewing limbs together may work, they just need a same type of parts, so if your considering using other people’s body parts to make a human, good news you can, you criminal against nature.



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