Advice on Winter Weather Driving

Staff Writer: John Mack

With the increased “threat” of wintery weather, it is time for a little trip to driving school because most people in Atlanta do not know how to drive in the snow. The snowpocalypse of 2014 infamously proved this as people simply did not know how to drive in the snow and ice. Here are some tips if it actually does snow and you need to go places.

Be patient: The 2014 snowpocalypse showed how bad traffic can get during wintery weather, so be patient because people will be taking their time navigating an icy mess and do not try to go really fast or else you will end up wrecking your car in a fire hydrant making an even worse mess than the ice and snow.

Be prepared: You do not know how long you may be stuck in traffic for hours during snow so have a first aid kit just in case you do end up smashing a fire hydrant, and coach Sam Hunt says “Always a good idea to keep a couple water bottles and gloves in the glove box.”

Avoid stopping if possible: Want to know how to ruin your snow day-getting stuck in ice because you stopped on an icy patch. This is the most common problem during ice storms as you cannot predict where the patch will be. If you ever get caught by a red light slow down to keep your car rolling until the light flashes green (you should not be going faster than 30 miles per hour).

Avoid driving on hills: The hills can be dangerous if you do not know what you are doing, so avoid them unless you want to go back down the hill and into a fire hydrant. If you must than get plenty of speed (but not too much) before getting to the hill and then slow down at the top.

Extra distance: Keep extra room between other cars and traffic lights because it will take longer to slow down on ice so keep extra room if you do not want to put another car into a fire hydrant.

But the most important advice from coach Hunt is “Do not drive during snowy or icy conditions stay home”, but seriously the school board closes school for a reason to prevent teenage drivers from wrecking into every fire hydrant in the county. So if best stay home but if you must follow those tips and stay off the iPhone and you should be ok for winter weather driving.


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