Armed or Unarmed

Staff Writer: Jordan Gaines

Gun control laws… these “laws” are all the buzz in today’s world. Are guns dangerous? Should everyone be allowed to own a gun? Do guns protect or do guns kill? Yes, to all of the above. They are dangerous, with a throughout background check, yes you should be able to own a gun, yes guns protect, yes guns kill.

Of course, this is all just opinion and everyone has their own. Just like every president has their own idea, their own attempt to change the ways of this country, to make it a better place. President Obama’s has quickly become all the rage. President Barack Obama has been trying to pass a law about gun control since he has been in office, this is the closest it’s come to passing.

President Obama states that his proposed laws will “curb gun violence in America.” Anytime the President is speaking he reverts back to the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2013, he says, “Every time I think about those kids, it gets me mad.” He blames all of the mass shootings on automatic weapons, he feels that tighter background checks should be enforced and any place or person selling a gun should hold a license to do so.

I, like most, would have to say I agree with that. Tighter security on weapons like guns is never a bad idea, but to go as saying it’ll stop the mass shootings, its wishful thinking. Taking citizens guns and hoping it will stop the violence is more dangerous than the violence itself.

The people these background checks would be imposed on, would be the ones buying off of the black market, where there is no background check. You can’t stop the “bad guys” from getting guns, so why stop the good guys from owning guns? These gun laws won’t stop people from killing. Murder is currently illegal, yet it happens every day; make guns illegal and you will still see guns.

Everyone wants to claim that guns do not protect people, well if so, why do we send our military to war armed with guns? Why do we want all police men to carry a firearm? Everyone wants the evil in this world to stop, but that does not start with confiscating guns. Let the people keep their guns, the guns they have every right to own.



  1. Why is it that not a single statistic was shown supporting your argument. The lowest form of gun use is for self defense. America has some of the loosest gun control laws in the world and we have the most people killed by guns per year than the rest of the world. There is a mass shooting every day and there is a child killed every other day in this country by guns. Over 95 Americans each day are killed by guns, and there is a school shooting every month. There is a direct correlation between our preliminary prejudice on gun laws and the people killed by guns in our country.

  2. Doris McBride says:

    You try to make a point by saying that “good people” won’t be able to protect themselves with guns if stricter laws are put in place. However, a “good guy” should be able to pass a background check with ease. There is no reason why background checks shouldn’t be enforced. We have a problem in this country and we are trying to fix it, but little movement has been made because people are getting angry about “taking their guns away”!

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