I Want to Draw On the Ceilings

Staff Writer: Grant Witten

Our teachers mean a lot to us. We spend hours and hours with them every day for an entire year at a time. Some teachers find a special place in students’ hearts, and we, as students, want to leave something for them.

What better way to do this, then, than draw on their ceiling? This is how all of our older siblings and those who came before us at this school left their mark. That is the only way left for students to truly tell how their teacher will be before enduring the year with them. Ceiling tiles are a tradition. They are a way for seniors to give their teachers a mark to remember them by. They are equally as important to teachers as they are to us.

So the question is, why is this privilege being stripped from not only the students, but also the teachers of Woodstock High School? After a bit of research, it has been found that the ceilings of the school are not to be painted due to the fire hazard that the paint causes. For the same reason, teachers have been asked to take down anything hung on their walls. Rumors around the school are that paint may be removed from the walls as well, and soon after, any and all walls and ceilings may have to be removed altogether, for fear that a student randomly combusts and brings everything around him down with him.

Many students and teachers are upset about this tradition being stripped from the student body. Many feel that in a sense, much of the life of Woodstock High School is being brought to an end thanks to it. Woodstock student Jesse Dalfonso says, “This decision is holding students back. It is preventing us from having the chance to express not only our creativity, but also our gratitude towards those teachers who dealt with us and helped us through all of our struggles in our classes.”

Most other students feel the same about the subject, as do the teachers. One teacher who wished to remain anonymous said to me, “I really wish that students were still allowed to paint my ceiling tiles. They never did any harm.” This teacher talked about how much they loved when a student would paint their ceiling tiles. The teacher was, however, understanding. After all, after the hundreds of schools that have burned down due to ceiling tiles being painted, something had to be done about it eventually.

Therefore, the question remains. Will this decision ever change? The chances are looking slim. Although there will always be a certain hope for it, there will likely not be a change. Until then, students will have to find a way to be creative about leaving a memory for their students.


Coming soon- all ceilings at Woodstock High school

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