Making History

Staff Writer: Jordan Gaines

I am sure you are all well aware of the boys’ basketball team this year thanks to our morning announcements; what you may not know is what was happening behind the scenes, when the boys were not in uniform.

All of the practice it took to get them to state for the first time in Woodstock’s history, all of the suicides they ran, the lunches they gave up to “get some shots up”, the alarms they set at 5 am to be here hours before the first class of the day. If you ask anyone on the team they will tell you it was worth it, they would not have changed a thing, not even the loss at the first round in state.

When asked, Senior, Henry Ruff said, “I would not have changed our season for the world, no one, not even the team, thought we would get as far as we did. We had little-to-no faith walking into Shiloh High School for our game, and we held them through the whole first quarter. When they came out really strong second half, we knew we wouldn’t win this game, but overall, we won this season. That was more than enough for us.”

It was definitely a tough loss for the boys but knowing they were happy with the outcome anyway shows just how much they improved this year. All of the boys give the credit of the successful season straight to the head coach Kingston Clarke. Without him, none of this would have been possible.

It was the best season in Woodstock’s history; this team will always be known as the first team to make it to state. We made history this year, that’s something no one can take away from us. Congratulations to the Woodstock Boys Basketball team of 2016, the best team in Woodstock’s history, way to finish the season.


Woodstock’s student section approving a call by the ref, this is a rare occasion.


If you notice in the bottom left corner, there is two Woodstock Wolverines, they’re part of the “overflow crowd” but still as happy as can be.





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