Who Said Art Can’t Be Fun?

Staff Writer: Ashlyn Richardson

Atlanta’s own art museum, the High Museum, has transformed into a hangout spot for young adults, all because of their opening of their free events for teen. The museum is more than just a place to look at paintings and sculptures, it is a place to listen to local music, do crafts, and take silly photo booth pictures!

Recently, the teen team at the High Museum decided that kids needed something to do on the weekends other than go to parties or binge watch Netflix, so they started hosting teen nights! But what exactly are teen nights and why should you convince your parents to let you go? First of all, it’s completely free! There is no entry charge, no cost to do crafts, no costs to take pictures and you can even look at all the art The High has to offer, for free!

Junior Meghan Murphy attended the most recent teen night and said, “It was one of the most unique experiences I’ve ever had. There was button making, live music, and a cute photo booth! It was totally worth driving to Atlanta.”

If the free price isn’t enough to convince you to venture into the art world, the live music might. Woodstock’s own synth-rock band, Ferris, headed High Museums last teen night as well as their first. Their eclectic sound filled the museum almost as quickly as the crowd filled the room when their set began. Singing original songs as well as covers, Ferris showed that the Wolverines really are, the best of the best.

Following was The APEX Society, a notoriously energetic rap group. Their set unfortunately was cut short when the crowd got a little too rowdy. As said, notoriously energetic. Generally, the night runs until 10 pm so there is plenty of time to listen to music and look at the art! There is never a time when you aren’t entertained at the High.

Junior Imani Lusega said, “I was just going to sit in my bed and watch Scandal all night until I heard about teen night. I am so glad I went! I got to dance and look at art in the same night, what’s better than that?” Look out for the next teen night, see you there!



Painting on American art floor


Painting on modern art floor

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