Check Out Woodstock Men’s Lacrosse

Staff Writer: Grant Witten

Woodstock Men’s Lacrosse started their spring season with a bang this year. They won their first scrimmage, against Woodward Academy with a score of 11-2. They also won their first game against Pace Academy, with a score of 19-13. They played this game on their home turf. The leading scorer in the game was senior, Jacob Yoder, with 7 goals. Yoder is an attackman who has been playing since he was 7 years old, and when asked what his main objective is on the lacrosse field, he responded, “I’ve just got to get the biscuit in the basket.”

One major point in the game was when defenseman, Devan Knapp scored a goal for Woodstock. Devan is a junior at Woodstock, and is a starter on the lacrosse team. I asked Devan after the game how he managed to score as a defenseman, and he told me, “I just went coast to coast and buttered the toast.” These were very wise words that really spoke to me and everybody else who was there to hear his comment.

Woodstock has several games coming up in the near future. They are playing several tough teams in the near future, including Lassiter and Pope, but they hope to come out of each and every one of these with a W.

Outside of practices and games, Woodstock lacrosse is doing some other cool things. For example, they are holding a fundraiser at Applebee’s to sell pancake breakfast to help raise money for the new helmets that they bought this season.


Members of the boys lacrosse team after a practice.

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