College is a Tip Away

Staff Writer: Emma Lehto

College, it is what we have all be waiting for. The four years that determine what someone is going to do and where they are going to go. People everywhere spend thirteen years learning and studying just to get to the point of apply to college. Applying can be the most exciting and also most stressful time of someone’s life. Here are some tips to help the process along as smoothly as possible.

First, when thinking of where to begin applying make sure there are plenty of options. If there is one thing you must do it is apply to more than one college. Things happen and people change their minds or do not meet standards of the school and you do not want to put all of your eggs in one basket. To keep yourself from missing the chance to go to college at all make sure you apply to at least one fallback school if not more.

Another big tip would be to visit all the schools you plan to apply to and more because you never know how you will fit in with a school. You may fall in love with a school that you never thought to apply to or you may hate the school that you thought you would love most. By seeing the different campuses and see how they fit you may save yourself some application fees that you can later use on tuition or books.

Lastly, you have to talk yourself up in your applications. It seems awkward to us when we have to boast about ourselves, but admission directors are looking for the best applicants for their schools. You have to tell them all that you have accomplished no matter how little it is. You want to make them think that you are the best person in the world. So tell them everything there is to know about you, toot your own horn, it will work in your favor.

If you follow these tips then you will get into the best college for you. You can also look up more ways to best finish your applications easily on the internet and fill out your college applications to the best of your abilities. Get it all done early so you can spend your senior year relaxed and excited to start college in the fall.



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