Advice – The Finish Line Is In Sight, But The Race Isn’t Over Yet.

Editor: Charles Sorensen

As I type the introduction, it has been around 24 hours since I have finished the product for my senior project and to be honest I am still quite exhausted. I have worked hard on this project since my holiday break and the fact that I can officially put it behind me (for now) is extremely calming.

What I’m trying to get across is I can definitely understand the fatigue most students are facing now that we are a mere three-ish months from the end of the year. In fact, in my case I am close to ending my high school career and will join my fellow classmen in pursuing our own interests in the “real world”. However, even if we are almost done with the year, there is still no reason to completely give up and coast the rest of the year like many people have started doing recently.

First off, I don’t want to lie to anyone here, except for final exams and/or senior board presentations we are done with most major grades this year. Although people could still have external testing like the SATs or ACTs. Because of this many people go into many of their schooldays with a mentality of “why should I try my hardest?” Or “it isn’t worth it”. Even if many of the problems we were expected to face are now behind us we cant let that mindset get to us. Many students slack off during this period, which can lead to them lowering their grade averages or even borderline passing classes. They can also feel like attending class is unimportant and they will skip entirely.

A huge issue with students during this time in the year is the disrespect many students give to teachers. It sometimes seems that many students don’t understand that teachers try to live their own lives outside of school and they need to balance their work and personal lives. Earlier I mentioned that many people will start to slack off and then will begin to fail classes, well when that happens they will go to their teachers and ask for make up work even though they didn’t even if they didn’t complete the assignments they were given. While many teachers are kind enough to offer some sort of make-up program, it can still be seen as disrespectful to them.

Overall, what I wanted to get across was that we are approaching the end, but in a way, this will be the hardest part. We as a student body need to keep chugging along and work until the very end. Keep at your work and don’t just keep pushing off your homework or project, take time to work on it and never give up on completing your objective. These next few months might seem like the longest period of time, but one day you will look back and think about how short your time was.



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