Senior Project Wrap Up

Editor: Emma Lehto

Seniors have been working all year long to finish and perfect their senior projects. There are a few deadlines left and senior boards are not far behind, so it’s time for the seniors to pull it all together.

One of the last deadlines for senior project is April 11. This is the time that the website has to be completely finished, the reflective piece needs to be done, and the student showcase needs to be filmed. The website needs to have all the correct tabs and the links need to be active. The reflective piece need to talk about the senior project as a whole: the dislikes, the likes, and the challenges. The student showcase needs to be a video that is one and a half minutes that gives background on your life, why you chose your topic, and a small summary of your MGRP.

After the website, reflective piece, and showcase are finished the stand and deliver must be filmed. This is a practice run of your presentation to the judges on senior boards. This is the time to figure out how long your speech will be and see if you need more or less time. It also help your to decide exactly what you want to say and use in your speech. It must be no less than 8 minutes and no more than 10 minutes.

Once the stand and deliver is filmed the senior boards will take place on April 26 and 27. To find out the day and time you present you can speak to your literature teacher and they will have a schedule. This is the time to wow the judges on all you have done this year concerning your senior project. Make sure you are prepared because this will count as your final for literature class.

If you can get through these last few deadlines then all of the stress of senior project will be over and you can have a product you have worked on all year that you can be proud of. Then you can enjoy the remainder of your senior year.

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