Spiderman Civil War Costume

Staff Writer: Ulises I. Lara

Marvel and Sony created a new costume for Spiderman in the marvel cinematic universe. The costume takes more of its costume design from the comic book Spiderman than what the original two Spiderman franchises did (create a new one).

The new cinematic universe certainly did that but with more original ideas. For instance, the logo for Spiderman is the original spider, on the front and the back, the Spiderman that usually uses the sort of logo is from the silver age.

As for the design, it certainly looks interesting, the outlines for the web costume looks thin, almost as if they weren’t there. What probably the most interesting feature of the suit definitely has to be how the new Spiderman seems to have a belt.

Speaking of the belt, the wrist of Spiderman’s hands seem to have more technological advances for the character, they look more advanced than Andrew Garfield, and the belt seems to be carrying cartages for when the web for the shooters runs out.

It’s hard to seen from a distance, but there definitely some dark lines that flow pass from Spiderman’s belt toward his leg boots, and a sort of strap that goes around his limbs, for a instance there is one big one that goes slightly above his leg, and two other ones for when his limbs of his arms join together.

The biggest flaw of the costume has to be how it looks, just a little animated, not quite sure on how Marvel made the costume look so good, but yet it looks, off, almost as if the animators from the Deadpool test run made Spiderman. Even if that were true, the character looks amazing.

The best feature the character has is definitely his eyes. Unlike the last two Spiderman, the eyes of the character, since it has movable eyes, express how the mover is thinking and feeling, and honestly, that has to be the best feature of the whole costume.

The verdict for the suit is definitely a plus in my book, the costume looks unique, it feels like a new and creative idea, and in my opinion, it feels like Tom Holland may be what Heath ledger was to the Joker.

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