WHS Snapchat Filter

Staff Writer: Brooke Schoonmaker

If you have not heard Woodstock High school got their own snapchat filter! A lot of people have different opinions about it. Including some of the teachers, and they have pretty aggressive opinions too. One has a great review and one not so much. I interviewed a couple of students and teachers.

First, I interviewed Mrs. Mason; she had a very strong opinion about it. “The font looks like something that would come out of Indiana Jones. I think that it was put together very quickly and that one of my designers could have done way better than that filter. I think that it could have been way more thought through and more detailed.”

I also interviewed Coach Smerker. He was not as aggressive as Mrs. Mason but he did have an opinion. “It looks like a middle school filter and that it should be more mature and high schoolish.” However, he thought it was okay.

I also interviewed a student, who wished to remain anonymous. “I personally do not have a snapchat, but I know a bunch of people that do and I have seen the new filter. I think that it could be way better. It just looks like they did not try and rushed.”

Although I only put three interviews in there were many more opinions good and bad. Some aggressive like Mrs. Mason or more subtle like Coach Smerker. The snapchat filter has been doing very good so far and hopefully it will keep on going well. It is a great way to represent our school and show school pride.


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