Zombie Tips

Staff Writer: Ulises I. Lara

Hello, if you are a survivor of a new world where the world has been overrun by the walking dead, or radiated creatures, this guide is for you. The first apocalypse that will be described is the one with walking corpses and how to survive long enough in that world. The references to the guides survival tips are from different sorts of media, such as: Tell Tales The Walking Dead season 1 and 2, The Walking Dead show and comic book, and my personal favorite, The Last of Us. The scenario setting…you are in your bed, sleeping, and you hear sounds of screaming in peril and gun shots, you wake up, put on your shoes and jacket and get out of your room.

Step 1: Look for a weapon, warm clothing, and any device that buses battery or solar power like flashlights or headlights. Any firearms would help, but if you don’t have any, that’s fine, just look for certain melee weapons, such as knives, baseball bats, mechanical objects, such as bricks, screw drivers, wrenches, and, if possible, any sort of crowbars. If you can, look for some duct tape, a sort of sharp knife, and the stick of a broom, put all that together and voila! You have a spear! A note that should always be important is that in the apocalypse, there will not always be as many weapons as the regular world would, because you are not the only survivor out there, so binding weapons together may be smart, and improvising is even smarter.

Step 2: Gather things that may help you on your journey, leave you technology behind, because that probably will not help onward. Another important thing would be to carry a backpack for putting in important things. The things you should add to you back pack are the following: either bottled water or full water bottles (assuming you can find clean water), fully loaded firearms you may have with ammunition, melee weapons. In addition, having an easy-to-reach weapon by your shoe, boot, or even strap of your backpack is always smart and having weapons that will be easy to take out of your enemies if impaled. Step 3 (Optional): if you do not want to leave your house because it will be a whole lot harder in the outside. First thing, grab a lot of hard wood, nails and anything to have the nails attached to the wood, mostly hammers. Go to any place in the house that has windows, doors or any other form of entry into the house. Make sure to have the areas barricaded for at all cost, but when installing them, make sure to not make such loud noises, as the dead are more keen that sound for the walkers.

Step 4: The best-case scenario would be one when you can survive peacefully in your house and stay there until the military or a strong force kills all the walkers, but the worst case, which we are going with, is one where all the walkers stay at that location, and the military is dead, so it is all up to you. Another extremely important tip for the whole apocalypse is trying to survive, by this I mean “if zombies come into the house and try to kill you”, make sure to have an escape plan for if it does come down to that.

Step 5: The most important of all, and I mean most important, in the zombie apocalypse is definitely defense and supplies. Getting those most likely will not be easy. If one day you may need supplies for anything, stealthily go into town or a place of business and gather the remains of what is left. Bring some weapons that are silent, and take back anything that can be replenish able like plants, and try not to die, that is absolutely critical. If you do happen to get bitten, you may want to quickly chop off the limb with any sharp weapon or object. If you do happen to be bitten but by any place that isn’t a limb like the stomach, chest, or even the neck, then suicide is the best bet, since there may be no possible way to reverse the turning.

Well, I’m sorry if you wanted to hear more advice on how to survive the apocalypse, because this was only the first issue of all the tips on how to repel from the walking dead, see you next issue, and try not to die before the next tip guide because that’s not in the plan my friend, no it’s not.



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