Barrymore Breakup

Editor: Madison Block

Recently there has been many breakups and divorces in the famous world, starting with Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, to the newest Drew Barrymore and Will Kopelman.

Barrymore and Kopelman decide after four years and 2 kids that their marriage has got to be overwhelming. The two come from very different worlds, and although they tried hard to keep their marriage steady, it got to a point where they were both very unbalanced with each other’s schedules. They said “it wasn’t an overnight decision.”

Barrymore runs a film-production company, as well as the empire of Flower Beauty and Flower Eyewear. Kopelman is an art consultant, and comes from a very loving, wealthy family. The two both wanted very different things, however they will continue to parent together and raise their two daughters together.

Despite the divorce, it seems that both Barrymore and Kopelman are satisfied with where they are in life, and both look forward to focusing on their own separate lives, as well as watching their two daughters grow.



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