Fantastic Fan Fictions

Staff Writer: Sarah Bohannan

Fan Fictions are a great way for aspiring writers to find a way to write about what they want without having to come up with an entire plot. They can write the book how they imagined it would happen, even if that’s not how the original author thought of it. Obviously, these Fan Fictions cannot actually be published, but it is a great way for young writers to learn the style they want to use. They can post them online to get comments from other people and can edit them based on what other people said to make it even better. Some people have other opinions, however.

Some people think that Fan Fictions are a form of plagiarizing because you are using the ideas from other authors, but there are only so many things people can write about are not out there. Other people find that untrue, but there are only so many words in the English language. Fan Fictions are also a way for young writers to express their opinions and feelings about what the original author thought and what happened in their story. They are changing the whole plot, so is that really plagiarizing? What if even the author likes the Fan Fiction, is it really a problem? What if they had put a plot twist in it that people didn’t even like?

Fan Fictions also catch people’s interest and make them want to read the original book, so wouldn’t they make money off them buying it? It actually would be helping the author and the publishing company they had used for their book. Fan Fiction author can also add their own plot twists, I mean isn’t society always telling us to be different and to voice out own opinions? That is what these aspiring authors are doing, so why would it be bad? People should be able to voice their opinions about how they think things should have happened.

Fan Fictions do not have to be about books, some of them are about real life and how this person thinks people should have reacted. Some people also write them about people they think should end up as a couple and their friends’ reactions to it. People can write Fan Fictions about almost anything, you could write one about cats if you wanted and I’m sure some crazy person would read it and enjoy it and they might go read a book about cats and find that they really enjoy that topic. Not everyone would like it, but some people would and maybe they’d be thanking you later. The cool thing about them you could write it with a pen name and no one would know it was you but people would still comment and still like it.

For example, I do not know who wrote it, but before I became a Harry Potter fan, one of my friends made me read a Harry Potter Fan Fiction and I thought to myself, “Hey that sounds pretty cool.” After that I went and read all seven Harry Potter books and later watched all eight movies. This just shows you that because of something you wrote, someone would have a new favorite book series. It’s all because someone they knew told them to read it and they probably passed it on and now there are hundreds of people that have read your Fan Fiction. Fan Fictions are important to most writers and are very enjoyable to read.

My favorite quote is, “The pen is mightier than the sword.” And Fan Fictions really prove this. As long as it’s interesting, you can get people’s attention, even if it’s just one person, you are still making a difference. Just because of one thing someone wrote, hundreds of people change the way they view things and I think that is amazing. Fan Fictions are very important in our society; people can express their opinions and inspire people.



A quote about Fanfictions

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