Frustrated with Finals

Staff Writers: Sarah Bohannan, Luci Dumas, and Brooke Schoonmaker

Finals are quickly approaching and with them stress. Some people are beginning to study and get prepared, while others are planning to procrastinate and they’ll end up even more stressed as well as sleep deprived. People handle finals in different ways, so here are some things to think about.

Finals are a way for students to be evaluated at the end of the year. There is a final for all of the classes at the end of the second semester. People complain about them too much. Like seriously?! I have to take them too you know! You aren’t the only one! Complaining about it doesn’t help you at all, if anything it takes away time you could use studying. I know studying for them is a pain, but if you don’t do it, you probably won’t pass, which means you probably won’t pass the class, so fail if you want but I’d prefer to pass my classes. Some people have this attitude about how they don’t care about school, but everyone has to care at least a little bit. I mean why else would you be here? Teachers do not give some students enough credit, they assume that just because they have a few students in their classes that do not care and do not try, most students are like that but that just is not true.

More proof that people should care about finals and study for them is that they are 20% of your overall grade. Basically, that means that if you got a 100% on every single assignment, but then failed the final, you’d have a B in the class and that is only if you have a 100% on every other assignment, which is not really likely… at all. The main point is that finals are very important and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Everybody needs to study, in order to do well. Also, I know this has been said a hundred times, but make sure that you sleep the night before. That means no last minute cramming. Study ahead of time and get sleep! Believe it or not, it is very important. While studying, don’t push yourself too hard, or you’ll be burnt out by final time. Just take it a little at a time and you will do well.

On the other hand, finals also come with the milestones or EOCs. That is way too much for all the students to handle. Teachers should just pick one test instead of giving students two weeks of testing, or at least have the school make the students take it in the middle of the year, or just drop the tests. At the end of the year students start “practicing for summer”, so that means staying up late with friends, so students never get a “good night’s sleep” for the finals. Plus kids never eat breakfast and we cannot eat during finals so we are all testing on empty stomachs so even though finals can show off our smart side we all need a break. Thank you!

Finals are a very important part of school, but it would make it a lot easier if there were not as many tests. Students wouldn’t be as stressed out, and would probably work more efficiently, and get better grades on the tests. Some students may not be good test-takers, so if they are taking three different tests, it might destroy their average. Finals are 20% of their grade so students really do need to study. Do teachers really think that students can do their best if they are stressed out and are ready for summer to start?


How frustrated most of us get with finals (math especially)

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