What’s Rock n’ Rolling into Downtown Woodstock?

 Staff Writer: Emily Gordon

The new amphitheater in Downtown Woodstock is supposed to rock n roll into the Park at City Center this late fall.

“This project has been long discussed, and I am pleased that we are moving forward with this addition to our city,” Woodstock Mayor Donnie Henriques said. “We’ve designed it in such a way that it will also be a very usable park on a daily basis,” City Manager Jeff Moon said.

“It will have a significant economic impact for Woodstock while providing a venue for our residents to enjoy year-round events and entertainment,” Woodstock Parks and Recreation Director Preston Pooser said.

This new amphitheater is under construction right now. Clark Patterson Lee designed this new amphitheater for our city. You can see the construction site when you walk or drive pass the Park at City Center.

Many events, festivals and the annual summer concert series will take place on this new and improved amphitheater. Enjoy live music, food, entertainment, and fun why you spend your day at the new amphitheater. This new amphitheater will be the scene of family fun and family memories.

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