A Likely End to a Two Millennia Long Empire

Staff Writer: John Gardner

All Photos Supplied by: Emily Boswell

Earlier this month the current emperor of japan appealed to parliament in an attempt to retire from the throne and pass it on to his son Naruhito after a 28 year long reign. He fears he soon may not be able to fulfill his duties as Emperor much longer after multiple health scares including cancer and heart surgery.

Japanese citizens appear to be sympathetic for the man, but parliament may seem to be the contrary. Akihito, the current emperor, does have an heir, Naruhito, but from there it ends.


(Emperor Akihito)

 Naruhito has a child but it is a woman, Hisahito, his younger brother and next in line, only has one male to give to the throne. This gives way to a whole new issue. Traditionally only males can inherit the throne and the Prince lacks any male children, parliament is now looking into allowing a woman to take control. If parliament decides against having an Empress, after Naruhito the nearly three thousand year old dynasty may fall.

Japanese flag

(Japanese flag representing their unique identity)

Although the monarchy in japan has little to no effect on government it remains a huge part of the countries identity. Many in Japan including the Emperor feel that keeping the dynasty alive will help keep Japan’s unique identity solidified for many years to come. We will see in the years to come what may become of the dwindling monarchy in Japan.

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