Bunting Out the Summer

Staff Writer: Ramon Elortondo

The Lady Wolverines are back in action for the 2016-17 softball season. The wait is over after one long and hard working offseason for the hard-hitting girls.

Over the Summer, the girls put in treacherous work. A large group of them played travel ball with their own teams away from Woodstock. The young, new, and upcoming squad were introduced to what high school sports are all about. It’s is more than just what the public sees at the games, team veterans showed them what hard work is really about by coming in to do weight lifting, and team conditioning every week, just to stay in shape.

The team watching on closely from the dugout.

In the eyes of a competitor, it means the world to win, and losses bring great sorrow. A great competitor helps out the community. The softball players were encouraged to and responsible to do 3 to 6 hours of community service. Depending on their grade level, each player had a different amount they had to do. If they were a senior, more hours were required.

With a brand new season in store, comes new expectations. Coach Kourtney Dempsey had this to say about what she is hoping for, and how she expects a lot from this group.

“Coming off a region title last year, we definitely want to be able to repeat, and this year it to the next level by making the elite eight. The school has not been there since 2006 and it will be a great accomplishment to be able to make it that far this year.”

The special thing about high school sports is every year brings in a new team, a new player, but also, with a new season, it means players graduate, and the seniors are off to college. Some go out and play college ball where the competition grows to a new level, and the spotlight gets brighter. A key loss to the team this year was star pitcher Danielle Rubin. Danielle went off to play college softball at Kennesaw State University. That means that, although we lost a key piece to the puzzle, only her and another girl left the squad. With all the players returning except two, Woodstock Softball has an experienced team, with vet players that know what’s to come. Last year had lots of freshman who made the varsity squad, but they are now sophomores. Talent surrounds the halls.

Some of the leaders on this year’s softball group are short stop, and frequent pitcher Brianna Roper, and starting pitcher Laura Bishop. The tone setters if you will.  Everyone looks at them, and they see that they can rely on them to succeed. Brianna Roper, walks with her shoulders high, as last year, she and her family announced she was committed to Georgia Tech, home of the Yellow Jackets. From a Woodstock Wolverine to a Yellow Jacket, her presence will definitely be missed. These two girls were specifically mentioned by Coach Dempsey, and they will be looked at to not only lead by example, but also vocally.

Big things are expected from the 2016-2017 crew. The awesome group of girls are set to make a splash in the region. The bond between them seems inseparable after this Summer spending so much time together in the “Iron Den”, the school weight room. Coach Kourtney Dempsey, determined to defy the odds, will coach the team to victory, as Woodstock Wolverine Softball are finally up to bat in this 2016-2017 season.




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