Dirty Water in Rio

Staff Writer: Dakota Williams


The water in Rio de Janeiro has been a problem for years now and with the Olympics both coming and going there, some new light has been shined on the subject.

The water problems in Rio de Janeiro have reached a critical level for several reasons. The first cause is that the sewage is not collected. Instead, it’s thrown in the streets only to get sucked into nearby rivers, which pollutes them also, then just to spill into the ocean at one point.                  garbage in rio water  (Garbage in the water) (Source:io9.com)

It’s not just sewage that gets thrown in, it’s also all the stuff that gets picked up while the sewage runs wild through the streets. A few examples of the things the sewage picks up but are not limited to is, broken glass, any sort of garbage. Worst of all, the car oil that’s been spilled onto the road will poison the water. To add the icing on the cake, it’s also had three major oil spills around the Guanabara Bay area.sewage in rio streams

(Sewage in Rio’s streams.) (Source:columbian.com)    

This is not just a problem for humans. This also affects the fish and other inhabitants of the water. The massive death of fish, or fish die-offs, occur regularly in the waters of Rio de Janeiro. Not only from the pollution but from the lethal bacteria and viruses that take advantage of the unsanitary water. Fish die-offs also leave a nasty stench in the air, which attracts many unwanted lives. The dead fish bring about parasites that live, eat and breed on the dead flesh from them.fish die-offs

(Fish die-offs in Rio as a result of the pollution in the water) (Source:koreatimesus.com)

Then, to make matters worse, carnivorous birds like vultures, will eat these fish and end up digesting the parasites, which only spreads it even more. This scenario is an example of how dangerous pollution of the water can become. This fish die-off also leaves less food to feed the starving people who live there.                                      

A solution to fix this would to simply get a working and effective sewage system to stop the flow of fecal matter that leak into the streams. Also to invest in environmentally friendly cars to prevent further pollution. An even bigger solution would be to educate the people who reside there about environment awareness.

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