Staff writer: Hannah Suh

 Life is a series of chain reactions. Every decision that is made leads to a consequence which could be either satisfactory or unfavorable. In high school you have four whole years to make a decision on what kind of path you want to act towards. Four years seems like a lot to a freshman like me, but to many seniors it is not enough.

A lot of people think that what you do after high school is the most important decision, but the decisions that you make throughout high school is way more important. As a freshman, everything about high school scares me. All summer I have asked upperclassmen for their best advice and I have gotten a variety of answers summed up into three sentences. “High school goes by in the blink of an eye. Don’t be afraid to get to know others. Give it your all.” Spending your high school years too focused on grades or not focused enough on grades are some of the upperclassmen biggest regrets.

What you do during high school is what determines what you do after high school. I asked some seniors what type of legacy they want to leave behind. What do they want people to remember them by? One senior, Taylor Lucero, explained how they wanted to be “the girl that was friends with everyone by reaching out to get to know everyone throughout high school.” That is a goal that is both satisfactory towards others and herself.

We only get four years to create and act out our own legacies. What can we do for others during our four years that can be satisfactory towards ourselves and towards others? Whatever type of person you are in high school is what shows who you will be in college or as a parent. What can you offer to the school and the people in the school?

Spend your days helping others

Photography by: Maddie Killian and Emily Boswell

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